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1. T-ARA - Sugar Free

T-ARA - Sugar Free

T-ARA is Back support them! :) Follow me ^^ Thank you :*

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2. White Rabbit (prod. by BYOU$)

  • Published: 2016-09-11T22:30:04Z
  • By CJTopOff
White Rabbit (prod. by BYOU$)

MUSIC VIDE0: Produced by Lyrics: (Verse 1) TopOff I'm holy I'm balling like Kobe but I do not shoot I protect like a goalie Roll up a joint that's as long as a coney I feel so majestic like I'm a damn pony Rappers want beef but they beef is Bologna I'm deep in the dirt like a damn Rollie Pollie TopOff gon preach this is my testimony they callin me Wiz cause I'm boney & stoney Niggas so crazy they acting so shady But TopOff So pure got the mind of a baby Ima 360 you only 180 I'm only 19 but I think like I'm 80 Acid I trip drop strip in my lip Came out the water you still see me drip Call up the plug and he bring me a zip then I walk away happy I laugh and I skip (Verse 2) I don't need to hit a lick my acid is legitimate When I roll a joint it's long as fuck just like a kendo stick I'm the nature boy like Rick I'm always with a hippie chick TopOff I'm a shaman in this bitch I feel like Ruben Slickk You know I smoke dmt my nigga Dimitri They say why you trip so much it's cause I'm fucking living free Winners write the history so that shit comes out differently I don't fuck with words I break em down just like a spelling bee I feel like I'm little B I'm filled with positivity Laying on my back im in the garden talking to a tree Damn I love that LSD it lets me see reality Hit up Panaeolus now I'm going on a shopping spree Psychedelic squad with me and the Trippy Family We get so damn high it's like we tryna leave the Galaxy. When I hit the bong it sends my mind into a fantasy Ornaments hang off of me I'm lit just like a Christmas tree

nothing at of , which is

3. Muna - White Rabbit (Prod. Q Major)

  • Published: 2014-06-15T17:27:46Z
  • By Muna
Muna - White Rabbit (Prod. Q Major)

Watch the video here: Muna on Twitter: Muna on Instagram:

nothing at of , which is

4. Low End Frequencies

  • Published: 2015-05-17T13:07:48Z
  • By XrisT
Low End Frequencies

nothing at of , which is

5. SuperNatural


nothing at of , which is

6. High AF

High AF

nothing at of , which is

7. Fire

  • Published: 2016-07-30T07:04:27Z
  • By XrisT

nothing at of , which is

8. Music


nothing at of , which is