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1. Nubar 090

Nubar 090

Track list: 01. HollyHenry - Seven Nation Army (Teemid Remix) Free download 02. Kvant - Secrets (Original Mix) 03. Le Youth - Me Without You (feat. Tay Beckham) (PWNDTIAC Remix) 04. SVET - I Like It (Monoteq & Grisha Gerrus Remix) 05. Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive (Ian Tosel & Arthur M Remix) 06. Danijel Kostic & FDT - Holding Me Up (Original Club Mix) 07. Dani Corbalan – Can't Fight the Fire (Original mix) 08. Manuel Riva, Eneli - Mhm Mhm (Extended Version) 09. Mahmut Orhan & Meliksah Beken - Hold You (Original Mix) 10. George Michael - Careless Whisper (Nikko Culture Remix)Free Download 11. Telling Spring & Christie V - It's Alright (Paul North Remix)

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2. Nubar 055

Nubar 055

Track List: 01.Deeperise & Mr.Nu & Toly Braun – Let Me Hear (Monoteq Remix) 02.Anagramma - I Don't Mind (Original Mix) 03.Adele - I Miss You (Deeperise & Mr.Nu Cover Mix) 04.Deepjack, Andrey Keyton, Irina Gi - Give It Back (Original Mix) 05.Costa Mee - Emotions (Original Mix) 06.Emeli Sandé - My Kind Of Love (Dj Mirilio Remix) 07.Savy Fontana Feat. Cat Da Silva - Follow You (Deepjack Remix) 08.Ben Ashton - Play (Original Mix) 09.Deep Sound Effect, Digital DNK, Lenie -Say Goodbye (DJ Runo Remix) 10.Medina - You And I (Andrey Keyton, Roga4ev Remix) 11.Deepscale - Hold In My (Original Mix)

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3. Nubar 051

Nubar 051

Here have a Nubar 051, as always hope you enjoy with my music selection of course, this time with a lot of track to my friends. Special thanks to Ben Ashton, Desusino Boys and Monoteq. Made to Love, Ben Ashton Feat. Rene Merci, Desusino Boys Chromeo - Needy Girl( Geonis & Monoteq Remix)

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4. LOCKED2DEEP!!! 012 - Sergio Lora - Tunnel FM

LOCKED2DEEP!!! 012 - Sergio Lora - Tunnel FM

LOCKED2DEEP!!! 012 - Sergio Lora Enjoy the twelfth episode of this new series entitled as our slogan and dedicated to the art of DJing, this time blended by Spanish DJ Sergio Lora > Artwork by Mistarak > Visit us on for weekly updates on Essential Tracks full of new releases, TheDeepResidents podcasts, Guest Mixes and more featured podcasts, artists and labels. And also check out the previous episodes: > LOCKED2DEEP!!! Collection #LOCKED2DEEP!!! Download for free on The Artist Union

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5. Nubar 100

Nubar 100

Hope you have a nice time with a this music selection, two hours compilation from a some tracks of my Nubar series. Thanks for all your support! Enjoy! Track List: 01. Anton Ishutin - Amazing (Original Mix) 02. Andre Rizo feat. Jay Hayden & King Vodka - Beautiful Stranger (Original Mix) 03. Moe Turk, Manos, JazzyFunk - All Because Of You (Original Mix) 04. Barbary - Keepin' On (Monoteq Remix) 05. Ballroom - Leave You Behind (Original Mix) 06. Dellmon feat. Babyface - Loving you (Original mix) 07. Manuel Riva ft. Misha Miller - Sacred Touch (Dani Zavera Remix) 08. Saccao, Juloboy, Becky Rutherford - Time is Running Out (Original Mix) 09. Kanita - Dont Let Me Go (Gon Haziri Remix) 10. Optick, Manuel Riva & Eneli - Close the Deal (Original Mix) 11. Ivan Spell, Saccao - Time & Time Again (Original Mix) 12. Danijel Kostic & FDT - Holding Me Up (Original Club Mix) 13. Rafael Lambert - The Way We Are (Anton Ishutin Remix) 14. Microwave Monkeys feat. Nita - Twist in My Sobriety (Extended Mix) 15. PANG - Cry Me A River (Original Mix) 16. Yves Murasca - Right On (Juloboy Remix) 17. Adele - I Miss You (Deeperise & Mr.Nu Cover Mix) 18. Andrew Rai, Deepjack, Alex Dee Gladenko, Mr.Nu feat. Dessy Slavova - Day And Night (Moe Turk Remix) 19. Costa Mee - See Me Dancing (Original Mix) 20. Alex Hook & Matvey Emerson feat. Rene - I Need Somebody (Lou Van Remix) 21.PYM - Let Her Go (Original Mix) 22.Ian Tosel - Breathe Into Me (West.K Remix)

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6. Nubar 061

Nubar 061

Track list: 01.Freischwimmer - California Dreamin (Extended Mix) 02.Moe Turk, DJ Fuzzy, Ayman Nageeb - Outta My Head (Original Mix) 03.West. K, Mr Nu. - Hands Over Me (Deeperise Remix) 04. Saccao, Juloboy, Becky Rutherford - Time is Running Out (Original Mix) 05.Le Youth - Touch (jackLNDN Remix) 06.Henza feat. Michaela & Narangerel - Moments (Original mix) 07.Cotry, studio Deep - Over And Over (Ian Tosel Remix) 08.Saskia, Disco's Revenge - I Can't Stop (The Nurk Remix) 09.Toricos - Love Surround You (Original Mix) 10.2nnel - You (Bram Remix) 11.Heavy Pins - Gangstas Walk (Haze-M Remix)

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7. Nubar 028

Nubar 028

Here have a new Nubar set with Depp House and Indie Dance sounds, as always i hope you enjoy with my music selection, repost the mix if you like. Remember, next podcast in 15 days! Enjoy!!

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8. Nubar 053

Nubar 053

Track list: 01.Costa Mee - Feels Like Heaven (Original Mix) 02.Deeperise & Tolgah Ft.Julia Westlin - Habits (Original Mix) 03.Escadia - I Am With You (Original mix)Crumpled Music 04.Mier, Geonis - Want Your Love (Olej Remix) 05.Daniele Mastracci - The Cage of Love (Original Mix) 06.Martin Mayer - Into You (David Manso Remix) 07.Paris Blohm & Taylr Renee - Left Behinds (Dj Jurbas Remix) 08.T-Killah - Невидимая (Andrey Kravtsov Remix) 09.Deeperise - Alone (The Distance & Riddick Remix) 10.Hugobeat - If I (Geonis Remix) 11.West.K Feat. Cotry - Anyway (Original Mix)

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9. Nubar 060

Nubar 060

Track List: 01.Roni Iron - Amame feat. Yalena (Stevie R & Alex Zed Remix) 02.Andre Rizo - Beautiful Stranger (feat. Jay Hayden & King Vodka) 03.Alin Dragan - My My (Original Mix) 04.7even (GR) - Life In Circles (Nikko Culture Remix) 05.Toly Braun - What You Want (Vicent Ballester Remix) 06.Arcade 82 - Drift Away (Moe Turk Remix) 07NekliFF & Mary S.K. - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Original Mix)Crumpled Music 08.AKA AKA, Thalstroem - Faces feat Jim Hickey (Dan Caster Remix) 09.The Weekend - Where you belong (Andre Rizo remix) 10.Supacooks - P.S. (Original Mix) 11.Satchy - I Can't Feel (Dublew Edit)

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10. Nubar 043

Nubar 043

As every fifteen days, here have a new Nubar set, this time i have chosen to start a classic track, one of the best tracks in a long long time, Stefan Biniak feat. Stein Grove (Original mix). Special thanks to Saccao and Ivan Spell for amazing work Time & Time Again (Original Mix) Hope you like and have a great time.

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11. Nubar 093

Nubar 093

Track list: 01. Mentol & Katie Melua - Wonderful Life (Extended Video) Free Download 02. West K & Danijel Kostic feat. Weldon - Impossible Love (Club Mix) 03. Laidback Luke - Hypnotize ( Nando Fortunato Remix ) Free Download 04. Bryan Milton feat Natune- Let Love Live (A-Mase Remix) 05. Anton Ishutin feat Da Buzz Without You (Original Mix) 06. Sonique - It Feels So Good (Mentol MD DJ Remix) Free Download 07. Rober Gaez - Lay on You (Mark Lower Remix) 08. Delaise - The Moonlight's Show (Alexander Hristov Remix) 09. Deepjack & Mr Nu - Take Me Down Deeper (DJ Runo Remix) 10. SergeOk - I Dont Care (A. Rassevich Remix)

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12. Nubar 057

Nubar 057

Track list: 01.7even (GR) - Poison Girl (In Greek Islands Mix) 02.Dana Jean Phoenix, Medsound -Moving Right (Alex Hook Remix) 03. Zeni N - Let Me Be (Your Heartbeat) (Juloboy Remix) 04. Anthony El mejor - Stand By Me (Original Mix) 05.Kevin Karlson, Elegant Ape, Diego Sigua feat. Kolleen - Turn Away (Original Mix) 06.Otherside - Neverending (Pascal Junior Remix) 07.Andrey Exx, Soundmatics - One Day (Max Lyazgin Remix) 08.NekliFF, Mary S.K. - Never Alone (Original Mix) 09.Simone Vitullo, Lady Vale - Passionately Feat. Lady Vale (Original Mix) 10.DJ Tarkan & V-Sag feat. Jennie Kapadai - Come On & Stay (Jako Diaz Remix) 11.Deep Sound Effect feat. Camilla Voice – Searching (Alexander Hristov Remix)

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13. Nubar 092

Nubar 092

Track list: 01. Svet -I Like It (Juloboy Remix) 02. A. Rassevich - Follow Me (Viance Remix) 03. Inward Universe - Residues Lives (VetLove & Mike Drozdov Remix) 04. Irina Rimes - My Favourite Man (Romanescu Codrin Remix) 05. Vanotek feat. Eneli - Tell Me Who (Retart & Romanescu Codrin Remix) 06. BAI - Someone To Love (Original Mix) 07. Adele - Hello (Angelika Vee Cover) (R.M Remix) Free Download 08. Dj Smash - Можно Без Слов (R.M Remix) Free Download 09. Ultra Nate - Free (Nikko Culture Remix)Free Download 10. Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun - Take Time (Melih Aydogan Remix) 11. Anton Ishutin - Get Down (Original Mix) 12. Sailor & I - Tough Love (Ben Pearce Remix)

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14. Nubar 052

Nubar 052

Here have how every 15 days a new Nubar set, this time with tracks to my friends, David Manso, Angelo M., Monoteq, Andrey Kravtsof, and label Deeper Motion Recordings. I hope you enjoy with my music selection of course. See you in fifteen days!!

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15. Nubar 095

Nubar 095

Track list: 01. Ellie Lawson - Under The Same Sky (Bentley Grey Nu Disco Remix) 02. DanielSk, Yannis Papadopoulos - Only You (Pete Bellis Tommy Remix) 03. Dmitri Saidi, Vicent Ballester feat Vessy Boneva – World Come Over You (Juloboy Remix) 04. Emeli Sande - Hurts (Billka Remix) 05. Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (VetLove & Mike Drozdov Remix) 06. NERVO & Hook N Sling - Reason (Kvant & Woogy Remix) 07. Dani Corbalan - Earthquake (Original Mix) 08. A-Mase Feat. Natune - Obsession (Original Mix) 09. Alexander Orue, Sharapov - Never Give Up (Ian Tosel & Arthur M Remix) 10. Dimitris Athanasiou - I Want You (Original Mix) 11. Cucumbers feat Irina Makosh - Stay Forever (Ludwix Remix)

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16. Nubar 047

Nubar 047

As every fifteen days here have a new Nubar set. In this set you can find a great tracks from Vicent Ballester and Label Crumpled Music. I hope you enjoy with my music selection and have a nice time see you in 15..!!!

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17. Nubar 065

Nubar 065

Track list: 01.Adam Byrd - -Without You (Original Mix) 02.Mark Lower & Kasual - Promises (Alex Hook Remix) 03.Andrey Keyton & Sharapov Feat. Tinaya - I Want Your Soul (Moe Turk Remix) 04.DiscoVer. & Mart - The Music's Got Me (Juloboy Remix) 05. JazzyFunk - Wanna Know (Alex Hook Remix) 06.Imany - Don't Be So Shy (PanosG Remix) 07.My Love (Original Mix) - Stoto 08.Patrick Podage feat. Deniz Reno - Love No More (Supacooks Remix) 09.Deeperise & Mr Nu - Paradise (Tosel and Hale Remix) 10.NekliFF & Mary S.K. - Going Down (Original Mix) 11.Freiboitar - Shiny Sky Heels (Original mix)

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18. Nubar 069

Nubar 069

Track list: 01. Rafael Lambert - The Way We Are (Anton Ishutin Remix) 02. Ry_X - Lean (Jako Diaz Remix) Free Download 03. Sheri feat. Serp - Отпусти меня ( Original Mix ) 04. Max Lyazgin, Hugobeat - Lazy Sunday (Original Mix) 05. Porsches - Blood to a Shark (Mark Lower Remix) 06. Costa Mee - See Me Dancing (Original Mix) Free Downlaod 07. Vinylsurfer - Living The Moment (Original Mix) 08. Maxim Kurtys, Jako Diaz, Shyam P - When the stars collide (Original Mix) 09. Pavel Svetlove, Becky Rutherford - Don't Wanna Go Home (Original Mix) 10. Eli and Fur - You're so High (Original Mix) 11. Stefan Obermaier - Chao Phao (Original Mix) 12. Omero - Headlights Off (David Hasert Remix)

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19. Nubar 045

Nubar 045

Thursday!! here have a new Nubar mixtape, i hope you enjoy with my music selection of course.This time Nubar start with another great track from 2013, I'm Done feat. Miss Natnat (Marlon Hoffstadt & HRRSN Remix)

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