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1. Sasuke- Emo song

Sasuke- Emo song

This is an old video I made a while back and I am reposting it. Enjoy this little sasuke tribute :P. [Update Semptember 16] Thanks 50000 veiws! [Update March 14] Thanks 100000 veiws!!

2. Sasuke's an emo kid

Sasuke's an emo kid

DISCLAIMER: No I don't own Naruto. Nor do I make any money from this. Yeah, I know theres alot of these. Don't hate me Sasuke fans tho, I adore Sasuke and know he's not Emo, buts its funny...

3. Sasuke--- Emo Boy

Sasuke--- Emo Boy

I DO NOT HATE SASUKE! I'll admit, sometimes he gets on my nerves but I like him. The only thing I hate about him is that he abandoned his village for power. Still, just because I like Sasuke...

4. Sasuke The Emo Child

  • Published: Jun 05, 2007
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By leonkamaka
Sasuke The Emo Child

I know its the same gifs over and over, im just too lazy to get episode clips :P.

5. Sasuke the Emo Kid

  • Published: Oct 26, 2006
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Mufasa11
Sasuke the Emo Kid

1. Do NOT message/comment me saying that I cut the song, I KNOW that I cut the song.... k... I did it to make the clips go with the song better. Dont complain because its not the entire song......

6. Sasuke emo Cosplay: First Youtube Video!

Sasuke emo Cosplay: First Youtube Video!

Filmed in 2006! Good times! ▻Help support this channel: ▻TWITTER:!/Joey_Pacheco ▻Younow:

7. Sasuke The Emo Kid ♥

  • Published: Aug 05, 2008
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By KintanaChan
Sasuke The Emo Kid ♥

I got the idea for this from the ever popular Death Note "Light is an Emo Kid" Video made by IAmEverywhere15 First time I ever watched [email protected], I saw Sasuke and almost instantly concluded...

8. Sasuke- Im Not Emo

  • Published: Feb 11, 2008
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By linawolf90
Sasuke- Im Not Emo

FRom naka kon 2008 at the marriot NEW SKIT SCRIPT! :) Video is featured.. Sasuke: I have done it! I have created the perfect disguise! Little does "Snake" know that I've stolen his idea!...

9. sasuke the emo kid

sasuke the emo kid

my first vidio :P.

10. Sasuke-the emo kid

Sasuke-the emo kid

sasuke is such an emo.

11. Sasuke's An Emo Kid! (But I Love Him)

Sasuke's An Emo Kid! (But I Love Him)

I HAVE NOTHIN AGAINST SASUKE, I LOVE HIM!! but this is wat happens to me when im bored, its very short and sorta crapppy...but i just had to get it out of my system ^^

12. Sasuke's an emo kid!

  • Published: Jan 27, 2010
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By 1993tylor
Sasuke's an emo kid!

im sorry but it had to be done people we all know it T,T''

13. Sasuke is an Emo kid

Sasuke is an Emo kid

Sasuke (Maya) is an Emo kid! XD Sasuke cosplay is by my best friend Maya or Digi-fiend-13 on and so is the cute Naru in a dress picture~ REVENGE! XDD I hope Maya likes...

14. Sasuke and Gaara are Emo Kids

Sasuke and Gaara are Emo Kids

Ok this is my first try at lip syncing and hopefully I didn't butcher it to badly ENJOY! THIS IS PURELY FANMADE I DO NOT OWN THE SHOW OR MUSIC USED.

15. ♪ Sasuke/Naruto Shippuuden- Emo Kid ♪

  • Published: Feb 08, 2013
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By HinaaliFox
♪ Sasuke/Naruto Shippuuden- Emo Kid ♪

Fan made video about Sasuke, i Dont own any of the images shown, well done who ever made them, they look impressive :)

16. Sasuke is a emo kid

  • Published: Jan 17, 2008
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By raven10088
Sasuke is a emo kid

a vid about sasuke being emo. And be nice, it's my frist vid. T~T.

17. sasuke emo kid

sasuke emo kid


18. Emo Sasuke

  • Published: Sep 16, 2006
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Sarah Deel
Emo Sasuke

This is dedicated to my fav character *cough cough* sarcasm*cough cough*, Sasuke. It also makes fun of a few others, but they only appear, like...once. Anyway... Song: Emo Kid by Adam and...

19. Sasuke the emo boy bedwetter!!!!!

  • Published: Jan 22, 2008
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Gkat2
Sasuke the emo boy bedwetter!!!!!

I was really bored when i made this and i know the pictures are bad but i did them on paint really fast. It's also stupid and gay. Like sasuke.I mean sasgay.

20. sasuke emo kid....

  • Published: Mar 18, 2007
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By edgar3211
sasuke emo kid....

sasuke es un emo....:::....:::sasuke es un emo....:::....:::sasuke es un emo....:::....:::sasuke es un emo....:::....:::sasuke es un emo....:::....:::sasuke es un emo....:::....:::sasuke...