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1. One Piece-New Blood -『AMV』#3KProeditingContest

One Piece-New Blood -『AMV』#3KProeditingContest

This is my amv entry for the #3KProeditingContest. I'm so exited for this and i put alot of effort into making this. I used the Dressrosa arc cuz i felt like it fit the song so well. Good luck...

2. [AMV] One Piece | Alone (#3kProEditingContest)

  • Published: Aug 12, 2017
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Fritz AMV
[AMV] One Piece | Alone (#3kProEditingContest)

Anime: One Piece Song: angel boy - I'm more alone right now than ever (on sc) Contest: #3kProEditingContest.

3. Naruto vs Sasuke-Towards the light[AMV] #3kProEditingContest

Naruto vs Sasuke-Towards the light[AMV] #3kProEditingContest

3kProEditingContest My instagram for more ^^ -- Beatz_Blaster.

4. One Piece 🎵AMV🎵 The Me In Me

One Piece 🎵AMV🎵 The Me In Me

I made this Amv in a couple of days. Hope you like it and make sure to leave a comment Like and Subscribe.

5. Chill. #3kProEditingContest

  • Published: Aug 06, 2017
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By JTN Edits
Chill. #3kProEditingContest

Song: [AMV] Naruto Shippuden - Samidare (ksolis Trap Remix) #3kProEditingContest:

6. MOON | "CALAMITY" By sKracK & Nysler [CS:GO]


Check our 2K Editing Comp: Subscribe to Moon Community to keep this channel going: Remember to leave LIKE...

7. Spider Man Homecoming New Blood

Spider Man Homecoming New Blood




SUBSCRIBE! ➜ ▽ Open Description ▽ ▻My entry for the #3kProEditingContest! ▻Artist: ▻Song:

9. perfecto. #3KProEditingContest

perfecto. #3KProEditingContest

that was only a half of the edit but the render fucked up... 100% after effects, but i rendered the file again in sony vegas to comprres the file size (thats why the quaility isnt that good)

10. Obito - Rage | #3kProEditingContest

  • Published: Aug 28, 2017
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Arx
Obito - Rage | #3kProEditingContest

3K Editing Contest: Pro Edits: #3kProEditingContest ...

11. #3KProEditingContest「AMV」Congratz on 3K! @AMV.scrap

#3KProEditingContest「AMV」Congratz on 3K! @AMV.scrap

This AMV uses clips from Attack on Titan, Naruto Shippuden, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and Kill La Kill! #3kProEditingContest Hope you enjoyed this short AMV and be sure to check out my...

12. Power #3KProEditingContest

  • Published: Aug 17, 2017
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By SweatyPalms
Power #3KProEditingContest

I'm entering the #3KProEditingContest create by YouTuber "Pro Edits". He's one of the channels that taught me a thing or two about editing with Sony Vegas and without the channel I probably...

13. tendou ❤ ~ Meshalkin;contest

  • Published: Aug 06, 2017
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By yanmnsk.
tendou ❤ ~ Meshalkin;contest

More-Information ✓Anime ~ ✓Contest ~

14. Naruto Shippuden AMV New Blood

  • Published: Jun 16, 2016
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Anime AMV
Naruto Shippuden AMV  New Blood

It's been a long time. song: New Blood by Zayde Wolf.

15. Musical Lesbinems.exe #3kProEditingContest (1st place)

  • Published: Sep 02, 2017
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Issues VFX
Musical Lesbinems.exe #3kProEditingContest (1st place)

Some trash that i hope someone will enjoy. Submission to: #3kProEditingContest - Fantasy Recruitment T3C HQ download: http://www.mediafire...

16. I Like it when i sleep. #3kProEditingContest

  • Published: Aug 30, 2017
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Stable.
I Like it when i sleep. #3kProEditingContest

Yay my #3kProEditingContest entry Pro edits: Anime: Hyouka Song: Saint Romain x Lanie - She Also an app for ReFlex, Clouded Illusions...

17. #3kProEditingContest - Dead to Me

  • Published: Aug 21, 2017
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Black Flame
#3kProEditingContest - Dead to Me

Repost for #3KProEditingContest,Hope i win this thing. Pro Edits ,Thanks for hosting this contest,Subscribe to him :- If you want to...

18. NARUTOOO BY MYSTIIC #3kProEditingContest

NARUTOOO BY MYSTIIC #3kProEditingContest

3kProEditingContest My Entry.... I know its trash.

19. FOLLOW YOU [#MC2K] #3KProEditingContest

FOLLOW YOU [#MC2K] #3KProEditingContest not quite satisfied, alot to improve, alot to learn let's go Rendered with Element 3D BTW i SteaL laARen SONG muhahaha SONG: Au5 - Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Fractal...

20. [ANIME] M O O D #3KProEditingContest

  • Published: Aug 03, 2017
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Fus†øn
[ANIME] M O O D  #3KProEditingContest