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3. MDR 016 - Milton Bradley - Assembled

MDR 016 - Milton Bradley - Assembled

MDR 016 - Various Artists Compilation

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4. Invite's Choice Podcast 216 - Milton Bradley

  • Published: 2014-11-19T12:30:53Z
  • By Invite
Invite's Choice Podcast 216 - Milton Bradley

The 216th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite's Choice. This show with guest: Milton Bradley Born and raised in Berlin, Milton Bradley has been influenced by this versatile and ever changing city. The late 80's brought acid house into his world and along with early Belgian techno, kick started his love affair with all things electronic. This soon developed into a record collection and by 1991 he had turned from customer to dj. Milton’s dj sets vary from dark experimental techno to the deepest industrial sounds and the most iridescent textures, fully encompassing the last 20 years of musical history. 2008 saw Milton step into producing and gave birth to the 'Do Not Resist the Beat' label. It displays an honest, open account of Milton’s musical preferences; everything is there for a reason, no surplus or padding. Dark experimental drones with unnerving atmospheric sparseness, industrial sounds fused with the early minimalistic theologies to create one of techno’s most defined and original styles. Not resting on his laurels, 2010 brought the experimental and dark sub label 'The End of All Existence'. One listen requires no explanation for the nom de plume, atmospheric, earth shuddering, cinematic techno at its finest. Alongside Henning Baer he then created 'K209' as an outlet to release more raw and industrial techno cuts. More recently in 2012 and inspired by the mid 90’s acid sound, Milton set up the label ‘Alien Rain’. A true enigmatic insurgent, Milton’s heavy and atmospheric productions aid in the construction of complex promenades and have been hosted on not just his own imprints, but with other well respected labels. Bradley made his first release on Perc Trax in 2010. His mixes of ‘BCG’ EP were prime examples of what has become an enigmatic sound - deep, dubby rhythms coupled with chugging techno, reminiscent of an old school Detroit aesthetic. Critically acclaimed releases on Prologue, Zooloft, and Ann Aimee, as well as the tracks on his own labels, have pushed Milton to the forefront of the techno underground and made him one of the most exciting up and coming producers in the genre. It’s this ability to stand out from the crowd that has seen his talent recognised and rewarded, prompting Grounded Theory to make Milton Bradley their resident dj. Not a lot is known about Milton Bradley’s personal identity, but his work is far from secluded. He has gone from being a consumer to actually writing Berlin’s Techno history as a producer, remixer and international dj. More info about Milton Bradley: Next show my Choice will be: Julien H Mulder For all news, Invite's Choice and other stuff about Invite follow him on Facebook:

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5. Milton Jackson - Songs Without Words [Freerange Records] (96Kbps)

  • Published: 2016-06-05T09:12:14Z
  • By Freerange
Milton Jackson  - Songs Without Words [Freerange Records] (96Kbps)

20 Years Of Freerange - 5 x Vinyl Box Set LP June 2016 sees Freerange Records celebrate 20 years at the top. The label, run by Jamie ‘Jimpster’ Odell and Tom Roberts, is marking the occasion with the summer release of a carefully curated and lovingly assembled 20 track, five vinyl box set featuring exclusive new music from associates old and new, as well as with a worldwide events series. Over the last two decades, generations of DJs and dancers have gotten down to the Freerange sound. Initially that was a mix of sample-heavy productions incorporating live musicians, flirtations with the broken beat sound and some ground breaking fidget house cuts from Switch and Trevor Loveys. Then, and most enduringly, the label settled into a rich vein of deep house. Shur-I-Kan, Kirk Degiorgio, Milton Jackson, Trackheadz, Stimming as well as Jimpster ushered in this most recent chapter, and in turn the label has helped make household names of many more previously unknown talents from Detroit Swindle to Manuel Tur, Andre Lodemann to Tony Lionni. Wherever you look amongst the hundreds of EP and LP releases on Freerange, you will find nuance and evolution, dance floor sensibility and genuine emotional impact. That same sense of timelessness characterises this new compilation, which is packed with great music from the likes of KiNK, Pittsburgh Track Authority, Kuniyuki, Kito Jempere, Soul of Hex, Clavis, Detroit Swindle, and of course Jimpster himself, as well as a whole host of other Freerange regulars. There are many highlights across the 20 track package including a warm and skipping house cut from Bulgarian live specialist KiNK, a typically slow burning and beautifully arcing epic from Andre Lodemann and spaced out jack tracks from classically inclined Liverpudlian Tony Lionni. Big name stars like Detroit Swindle return in style with a robust and acid laced banger, the ever-underrated Milton Jackson builds something melodically magical and Pittsburgh Track Authority layer up majestic string stabs and rubbery bass into soul infused future music. Jimpster himself bolsters the whole package both solo and with Luv Jam as well as remixing Tim Toh, and on each occasion proves why he is one of the pivotal figures of the UK deep house scene. Few labels make it to twenty releases let alone twenty years strong. Often doing so without making any real fuss, now is the time that Freerange Records deserves its time in the spotlight, and this compilation more than proves that.

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6. Jarvis - Milton Keynes (VIP Mix) [Play Me Free]

Jarvis - Milton Keynes (VIP Mix) [Play Me Free]

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8. Milton Wright Complete Friends and Buddies 2015

Milton Wright   Complete Friends and Buddies   2015

CD - Complete Friends and Buddies (18 tracks, both versions of LP plus bonus 12" track) LP - Original Friends and Buddies (Original Withdrawn version of LP In super heavy tip-on s Sleeve) Athens of the North is proud to present Milton Wright's stunning alternate version of the now Classic Miami soul LP 'Friends & Buddies'. An altogether more stripped down, folky soul affair than its highly respected, much sampled brother is now available on Vinyl, CD and Digital for the very first time. Shelved at the last minute then re-recorded and overdubbed, only a few promo copies of this early version escaped from the studio and are deep in the collections of the very few previously in the know. The master tapes burnt in a fire at T.K Disco in Miami in the early 80s so even the label has not heard this in 30 Years. Many reissues of the second version of Friends & Buddies LP have come and gone, but Milton's original vision has remained hidden until now. As searingly honest and stunningly soulful as any seminal Marvin Gaye or Terry Callier LP, it stands tall amongst its exceptional peers as one of the true pillars of quality 70s soul. - Unreleased Alternate version - New sleeve notes by Milton Wright - CD contains Original and Second version of Friends & Buddies LP - LP Super-heavy high quality tip-on sleeve! - LP Cut by the experts at Timmion Cutting Laboratory, Finland

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9. Invite's Choice Podcast 106 - Milton Bradley

  • Published: 2013-04-13T12:20:49Z
  • By Invite
Invite's Choice Podcast 106 - Milton Bradley

The 106th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite's Choice! This week with guest: Milton Bradley Milton Bradley is one of those artists you love to have on your show. Especially if he sends in a podcast recorded in Tokyo at Dommune. I have a long-standing wish to visit and play in Japan someday. Something I am quite sure will happen in the future. But enough about me. As owner of the Do Not Resist The Beat & Alien Rain labels, Milton releases great music. Dirty deep abstract and very usable techno. That is my experience when I play his music in my sets. His podcast is an abstract and great mix that combines older and newer records; something not everybody can do well. To Milton it's not a problem however! Enjoy this podcast! Check all Invite's Choice podcasts via: Invite's Choice Podcast section. Next week my Choice will be: Albert van Abbe For all news, Invite's Choice and other stuff about Invite follow him on Facebook: Click Here!

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11. Milton Jackson - Lessons Learned EP (Black Key Records)

Milton Jackson - Lessons Learned EP (Black Key Records)

release info:

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12. V/A - Inertia #3 (Lucy - Milton Bradley - Mike Dehnert - Ozka)

V/A - Inertia #3 (Lucy - Milton Bradley - Mike Dehnert - Ozka)

This third EP offers up four brand next and exclusive techno cuts, take straight from the Inertia compilation Ann Aimee have proudly compiled. Things open with the dark, skipping beats of Stroboscopic Artefacts boss Lucy, before veteran Berlin producer and label boss Milton Bradley layers plenty of filter and reverb over a kicking beat for his textured effort, 'Sequence #1'. One of the three Fachwerk bosses, Mike Dehnert, contributes some ravey techno loops in the form of 'Pneumatic' before the EP is brought to a close with some gray-scale bleakness from Belgium's Ozka: in all, four dark dancefloor gems. Various Artists - Inertia #3 inertia-3 a1. Lucy - Wytonia a2. Milton Bradley - Sequence #1 b1. Mike Dehnert - Pneumatic b2. Ozka - Square Beauty The Motion Will Never Stop

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