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1. Lounge Squatt Podcast #023 • J.rex

Lounge Squatt Podcast #023 • J.rex

Lounge Squatt podcast #023 guestmix by J.rex tracklist 1)Abstract Division - Floating point 2)Abstract Division - Deformation 3)J.Rex - Unreleased 4)Slam - Corridors 5)Remco Beekwilder - Irregular Acid 6)J.Rex - Tough 7)S-File - Digital Disorder (Mark Broom Remix) 8)J.Rex - Unreleased 9)J.Rex & Eysia - This Is What You Want 10)J.Tijn - ILGD 11)Hypersexual Disturb (NHB & MANY REASONS aka MINICOOLBOYZ Remix) 12)Jacidorex - Unreleased 13)AnD - Acoustic Ossillation 14)J.Rex - Unreleased 15)Mr Gasmask & Acidolido - Midnight safari 16)J.Rex - Unreleased 17)J.Rex - Deception bio B side project of Jacidorex Simon Jadot, Alias Jacidorex, is a 21 years old producer from Brussel. He began to produce acid in the end of 2013 but nobody knew him before the release of his track "Acid Vortex", released on Pureanalog. He is now well-knowed on the Acid scene, but he also produce Techno under the name of J. Rex. And where Techno meets Acidcore, there comes the Neoacid. According to him, Neoacid is a new style of music, including all kind of Acid, mixing old school machines and new hardware of music production, with Techno and Industrial influence. The aim is to break the new by making something with hard kicks and fat acids like Acidcore, but something structurated, progressive and professionnal as Techno. The young Simon is actually playing at heavy Acid party's all around Europe, so you'll see him and his NEOACID several times the upcoming years ! sc : @jacidorex

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2. Ecstasy Is No Excuse º

Ecstasy Is No Excuse º

New video extracted from our journey between audio and digital arts.. I don't know where I'm going.. but i know who i'm going with Nothing Is Real - Ecstasy is not Excuse out today More music, here: ----> ----> Watch the video here ---->

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3. 11 - OCD - Era

11 - OCD - Era

Coming in all materials, sizes, and shapes, they are arguably the archetypal manifestation of our intellect. Buildings have purpose. They offer shelter. A physical division of the human habitat - synonymous with comfort and safety - and the outside world - a place that can be harsh, even harmful. For their 4th release, Berlin label Lounge Squatt deliver a compilation that further defines the label's sound. Residents, guests and newcomers have contributed 11 tracks to "Buildings". A journey that starts with spacey ambient tracks going into rougher and industrial numbers. Techno bliss. Tracklist: 1) X.A.X.A-Alpha 1 (original mix) 2) OUTPOSTLIVE - Hide your white broken pins (original mix) 3) ELLE - Discussioni inutili 4) SPACEDROME - Bizzi (original mix) 5) HYBRID (DE) - We Come Back Home (original mix) 6) DIARMAID O MEARA - Mass Trippin (original mix) 7) GROOVE DANIEL & MANNELLA aka DAHRAXT - Modern Human cases (original mix) 8) SUB HUMAN BROS - Escape (original mix) 9) NOTHING IS REAL - BagsGroove (original mix) 10) SYNKOPHEIT - Arnica (original mix) 11) OCD - Era (original mix) _________________________________________________ Lounge Squatt release date: 18 May 2018 _________________________________________________ Mastered by : Dadub Studio _________________________________________________ Graphic : Pista Design : Sabrina _________________________________________________ © Lounge Squatt 2018 All rights reserved

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4. Lounge Squatt Podcasts Box

Lounge Squatt Podcasts Box

Lounge Squatt podcast series. A worldwide collection of dj sets by our artists ,guests & friends.

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5. LNS002 Nothing is Real - Hidden City

LNS002 Nothing is Real - Hidden City

The second release on Lounge Squatt is shaped by the Berlin-based, Italian techno duo @nothingisrealproject with a guest appearance by @Knobs-1 . In this project Nothing is Real shows how they have carefully developed their production from previous solo projects within bass music, into a heart pounding deep techno soundscape drawn for the peak hours. The EP consists of four tightly programmed techno rollers. From the gut- wrenching bass of Through Your Veins to NiR 's relentless acceleration. 1458 seconds, four chapters about imagination and imaginable through the natural complexity of vibrations, feelings and stories. Four short tales of how reality, chained in confined spaces, framed by blurred outlines, is left free to build pictures. The energy is never the same and turns the objects of the destruction into something so peaceful. Waiting for the relief that comes with the daylight. Tracklist: 1) Nothing is Real – Hidden City 2)Nothing is Real & Knobs – Border 3)Nothing is Real – Through Your Veins 4)Nothing is Real – NIR _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nothing Is Real An Italian techno duo and one live visuals based in Berlin, Nothing Is Real is a collaboration between long-time bass music producers, D-Operation Drop and Spacedrome and Omar Eox with a fundamentally clean-cut focus on the live facets of techno music and digital arts taking care of building up and producing 3D Video Mapping, Drawing on early influences from sub-heavy sound system culture, through the energetic UK styles of the past 20 years, and on to the pulsating techno scene in their new homecity, Nothing Is Real fuses a vast musical inspiration and with years of production experience to create dynamic, raw and driving techno. Having spent most waking hours since the project’s on-set in early 2016, building elements, writing tracks, videos and enhancing their live performance. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lounge Squatt @loungesquatt release date : 03 november 2017 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mastered by : Dadub Studio _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Graphic : Pista design : Natassja Velociraptor _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ © Lounge Squatt 2017 All rights reserved _________________________________________________________________________________________________

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6. Lounge Squatt Podcast #042 • Adrian Effe

Lounge Squatt Podcast #042 • Adrian Effe

Lounge Squatt Podcast #042 • Adrian Effe tracklist 1- Kaiserdisco, Rob Hes - No Lack Of Void (Original Mix) - KD RAW 2- Rekalize - Exenthia (Original Mix) Subwoofer Records 3- Nicole Moudaber, Skin - Organic Love (Scuba Remix) - MOOD 4- Alex Rubino - Bounce (Original Mix) - Phobiq 5- Alex Stain - Zeit (Andre Winter Remix) - Senso Sound 6- Boy.An - Fourteen Wishes (Rico Martinez Remix) - Tres 14 Music 7- Alex Rubino - Impossible (Original mix) - Phobiq 8- Filterheadz - Tipping Point (Atroxx Remix) - Unity Records 9- Fractall & Rocksted - This Is The Bass (Alex Stein Remix) - Jannowitz Records 10- Juliet Fox - 6AM (Original Mix) - Toolroom Trax. 11- Gaga - Harm's Way (Original Mix) - Dark Face Recordings 12- Dennis Cruz - Rock & Roll (Original Mix) - Solid Grooves Records 13- Audiophonik - Pass Me (Raffa FL Remix) - Traxacid Limited 14- Juliet Fox, Matt Sassari - Eyes on Me (Pirupa Remix) - Set About 15- Alex Rubino - Disco (Original Mix) - Phobiq 16- Kostas Maskalides - Furnace (Original Mix) - Phobiq 17 - Mark Reeve - Are We Different (Original Mix) - Second State Adrian Effe, took his first steps as a DJ in late 2003, immediately after discovering the world of free parties. From that moment the music becomes its only source of energy, it feeds by participating and playing in numerous parties & teknival. leading THE BEAT PUSHERS CREW Moving from electro to breakbeat without forgetting bassmusic & glitchop, Adrian explores the world of electronic music at 360, without stupid prejudices or unnecessary mental closures, this does nothing but further fuel his musical baggage. Since 2012 is a part of Lounge Squatt with which he brought quality events to his hometown, Torino In the last 10 years he has proved to be one of the most influential promoters in the city To date, the favorite sounds in his performances are certainly a mixed mix of Techno / Deep / House / Minimal / Tech-house, in short, impossible to define a single genre of music his sets, consider it a small journey into electronic music!. Adrian represents the true definition of the word DJ digital vinyl experimentation... watch out for the Ls 42 podcast info & booking : [email protected]

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7. Lounge Squatt Podcast #001 • Groove Daniel

Lounge Squatt Podcast #001 • Groove Daniel

Lounge Squatt Podcast #001 January 2014 Mixed By @GrooveDaniel tracklist 1) Tessela - Nancy's Pantry :: R&S Records 2) Waze & Odyssey - Please Don't Dance Detroit Swindle's Basement Dub :: Dirt Crew Rec. 3) Mark Broom - Blaster Mark Broom Remix :: Tortured Recordings 4) Kirk Degiorgio - Babilônia :: Far Out Recordings 5) Randomer - Bring :: Hemlock Recordings 6) Seb Wildblood - Feel (Apes' 5AM Jam) :: Church 7) Akkord - Conveyor :: Houndstooth 8) Danny Fry - Love Is Blnk :: Dub 9) Dense & Pika - Crispy Duck :: Hotflush Recordings 10) Atom, Tobias - Physik G321V :: Ostgut Ton 11) Dense & Pika - Black Deep :: Hotflush Recordings 12) Trevino - Twelve :: 3024 Info artist: Dedicating his whole life to the underground music scene, Groovedaniel has been pushing electronic beats since 2005. Raised on Soundsystem Culture, he started out throwing Drum & Bass parties in Milan as a part of the Syntagroove project. After founding LoungeSquatt in 2010, GrooveDaniel made the move to Berlin and has since been concentrating on delivering quality party experiences at venues throughout Europe (including Berlin - Germany, Italy & the UK) Over the years GrooveDaniel has performed both as a live act and has also made a name for himself through his DJing skills. Pushing years of passion, his style continously evolves - GrooveDaniel aims to create unique sets through a constant watch on the very best of the vinyl, dub and digital worlds. Catch GrooveDaniel at clubs throughout Europe and make sure to look out for forthcoming releases on the new LoungeSquatt label Links soundcloud: resident advisor: facebook: booking: [email protected]

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8. Lounge Squatt Podcast #013 • Orbital Mechanics

Lounge Squatt Podcast #013 • Orbital Mechanics

Lounge Squatt podcast #013 guestmix by @Orbital-Mechanics Bio: Exploring a stasis of space and sound, Orbital Mechanics offer a combination of deep-space techno, forward-thinking visuals, and digital symbiosis. Favouring a sound that is at once dark and luminous, visceral and cerebral, their music weaves an unmistakable and hypnotic narrative thread. Tracklist: 1)Neel - Post Landing - Phobos - Spectrum Spools 2)Shaded Explorer - Decline of an Underwater City - Kabalion 3)Markus Suckut - Turn On - Mosaic 4)Luigi Tozzy - Bioluminescence (Deepbass Remix) - Hypnus Records 5)Luigi Tozzy - ea - Hypnus Records 6)Arnaud Le Texier - Synthese (Unam Zetineb Remix) - Afin 7)Antonio Ruscito - Ionosfera - Resiliens Recordings 8)Claudio PRC - Atik - PoleGroup 9)Agony Forces - Kibera (Ness Remix) - End Of Days 10)Mod21 - Let The Rain Fall Down - Prologue 11)Ness - Hypnopaedia - Planet Rhythm 12)Luigi Tozzy - Sub-Photic Zone (Edit Select Remix) Zodiac - Hypnus Records 13)Bassilus C - Brain Damage (Orbital Mechanics Remix) - Unreleased

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9. Live @ Freqs Of Nature Festival

Live @  Freqs Of Nature Festival

Last hour of our live set.

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10. Mimetic Wormhall

Mimetic Wormhall

The most important thing is to explore unknow territories, discover new means and new rules to cross these unexplored territories.... this is what counts.

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11. Lounge Squatt Podcast #029 • Rubsilent

Lounge Squatt Podcast #029 • Rubsilent

Lounge Squatt podcast #029 by Rubsilent • Info Artist: A veteran DJ from Istanbul, Turkey. A part-time DJ and a full-time vinyl junkie, Rubsilent started collecting records back in 1996 and it has been his obsession ever since. It is interesting to note that he had actually moved to Chicago for University in year 2000, which he notes was partially motivated by his desire to pay a musical pilgrimage to this enormous factory of house music. He moved back to Istanbul in 2007 with a much advanced record collection and inevitably a better knowledge of the rich musical heritage of the sprawling US megacity that is rarely disputed to be the birthplace of house music. "I enjoy manipulating tracks with longer transitions, taking listeners on long journeys, never limiting my selections to a specific sub-genre. My primary focus is on House and Techno and anything in between, as my mixes contain a blend of new tunes mixed with timeless out-of-print cuts from yesteryear and yesterdecades" rubsilent May 2017 Tracklist 1. Whodamanny --- Wise Glaciem --- Unthank (2017) 2. Moodymann --- I Got Werk --- KDJ (2012) 3. Gary Gritness --- Steady Choosin --- Hypercolour (2017) 4. Unknown --- Problèmes D'Amour Edit --- White (1997) 5. Andrés --- Jack City --- Prime Numbers (2010) 6. Electric Sound Broadcast --- Finedrawn Overcast --- Echovolt Records (2017) 7. Telephones --- Blaff --- Running Back (2014) 8. Deep Choice --- Fix Of 4:38 AM --- MBG International Records (1992) 9. Steven Tang --- Over Easy --- Altered Moods Recordings (2011) 10. Electric Sound Broadcas --- You Can Be --- Echovolt Records (2017) 11. LHAS --- On The Q.T. --- For Those That Knoe (2013) 12. Jim Rivers --- Mirage (Tobias. Remix) --- Simple Records (2008) 13. Duplex --- Dr.Man --- DPX Recordings (2017) 14. Riccardo --- Planetario --- Imprint Records (2017) 15. Colm III --- Take Me High --- Ruby Red Records (1987) 16. Unit Moebius --- Dolfinarium --- Interr-Ference Communications (1994) 17. Tim Harper --- I Feel A Groove (Club Mix) --- Peacefrog Records (1996) 18. Tan-Ru --- Changeling (L+H Dub) --- Trelik (1995) 19. SW.--- Untitled (Beat Mix) --- Sued (2017) 20. Apoena --- Mover --- Stuga Musik (2012) 21. Gemini --- Klonopin --- Relief Records (1994) 22. Gemini --- Of --- NRK Sound Division (1997) 23. Jared Wilson --- Acid Feeling --- Super Rhythm Trax (2017) 24. Euphorian Orchestra --- Do You Really Mind --- Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic (2016) 25. The Sanctuary Project --- The Sanctuary --- House Jam Records (1994) 26. Broom & Hill --- DHT --- Rewired (2001)

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12. LNS001 Elle - Induzione

LNS001  Elle - Induzione

For its debut release, the Berlin-based label Lounge Squatt signs Elle to its roster. Elle’s masterwork ’Induzione’ takes you on a journey of hypnotic and atmospheric techno much like a shamanic ritual, which indoctrinates and defines the label’s sound and direction, giving us a taste of whats to come from this exciting new venture. This is the first of a series of bold EPs which will feature works by Lounge Squatt's resident artists, collaborators and some new talents. Tracklist: 1) Induzione A 2) Induzione B 3) Induzione C 4) Induzione D _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Elle Elle tries to make it's journey between tight and percussive breaks, articulated soundscapes with dark and deep approach. Was born in south Italy, travelled around the world and released music on some of the most exciting deep techno underground labels, like Hypnus Records and Annulled Music. @ellellellellellellellelle _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lounge Squatt @loungesquatt release date : 15 september 2017 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mastered by : Dadub Studio _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Graphic : Pista design : Natassja Velociraptor _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ © Lounge Squatt 2017 All rights reserved _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Beatport Exclusive

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13. Lounge Squatt Podcast #046 X.A.X.A

Lounge Squatt Podcast #046 X.A.X.A

X.A.X.A emerges in 2015, at the same time as the formation of his own label called Music From Exo-Planet. His music based on sounds and spatials explorations makes him feel in these deejays set of Techno Landscape or Ambient style. For the moment his appearances are very rare on stage and his productions are still secret. Only 1 digital EP released on his own Label in 2017, 1 Ambient track on the Berlin Label LOUNGE SQUATT and 1 Ambient remix on the label VOYAGER 1 are available. But He's also preparing his first vinyl on his own Label that will be released after the summer of 2018. And of course always looking for experimentation and sounds research in his lab somewhere in the south of France. Tracklist 01. Ruhbarb - Metropolis (Original Mix) (Materia) 02. Shlømo - Grounded Queen (Donato Dozzy Remix) (Bright Sounds) 03. Gemini Voice Archive - Magnetar (Original Mix) (Soma) 04. Oscar Mulero - Carousel (Original mix) (Pole Group) 05. Gemini Voice Archive - La Flecha Del Tiempo (Original Mix) (Soma) 06. Ruhbarb - Ledda (Original Mix) (Materia) 07. Asymptote - Belief System (Oscar Mulero Remix) (Suburban Avenue) 08. X.A.X.A - Omega 101 (Original Mix) (Music From Exo-Planet) 09. Solaxid - The East Beast (Original Mix) (Music From Exo-Planet) 10. X.A.X.A - Thrymr (Developer Remix) (Unreleased Music From Exo-Planet) 11. Vegim - Enter The Void (Original Mix) (Music From Exo-Planet) 12. Charlotte De Witte - This (Lewis Fautzi Remix) (Saura) 13. Yan Cook - Krater (Original Mix) (Soma) 14. Monoloc - Muted (Original Mix) (Dystopian) 15. X.A.X.A - Alpha 2 (Ambiant Outro Mix) (Music From Exo-Planet) photo credit : Fred Ouille BOOKING & INFO booking : [email protected]

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14. Lounge Squatt Podcast #021 • Somatic Responses

Lounge Squatt Podcast #021 • Somatic Responses

Lounge Squatt Podcast #021 guestmix by Somatic Responses (UK) tracklist : not supplied. It is a live ! Info Artist: The brothers John and Paul Healy, collectively known throughout the world as Somatic Responses, are still native residents of a small industrial mining community snugly located in the southwest region of Wales. Somatic Responses are into complex dislocated & broken beats, distorted intelligent constructions, fascinating sonic structures, force and sweetness intertwined. booking : [email protected] sc : @somatics discogs :

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15. LNS003 Monday Slayer - Crochet (including remix by Elle)

LNS003 Monday Slayer - Crochet (including remix by Elle)

• LNS003 • Monday Slayer – Crochet In another dimension, where there is no night and day, obscurity has another shape. Crochet is the debut EP from the duo Monday Slayer, an experimental techno pattern with tribal rhythms and intense bass lines. ‘Crochet’ is the first track of the EP and immediately defines the style of both,formed by syncopated and aggressive rhythms. The following tracks are‘ Aibohphobia’, an irrational fear of palindromes, and ‘Dismiss’, a dark journey through the lower frequencies, both rich in dynamic bass lines and futuristic soundscapes. And the last track featured in the EP is a remix by Elle, a brilliant and hypnotic representation of ‘Crochet’. Tracklist: 1.Crochet (Original Mix) 2.Aibohphobia 3.Dismiss 4.Chrochet(ElleRemix) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Monday SlayerThe duo first met in Bristol in 2012 where they started sharing their knowledge about their different tastes in DnB sub-genres.They had been working together for a few years under the moniker of Ntropy,focussing on the deep and dark side of drum and bass music, when they decided to develop Monday Slayer as a side project to expand their music boundaries opening up to techno and test their moody atmospheres at a different tempo. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ release date : 05 march 2018 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mastered by DadubStudio _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Graphic : Pista Design :Natassja Velociraptor _________________________________________________________________________________________________ © Lounge Squatt 2018 All rights reserved

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16. Basic Twister

Basic Twister

New video extracted from our journey between audio and digital arts Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid represent the two sides of the radical dualism Nothing Is Real - Basic Twist out today More music, here: ----> ---->

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17. Lounge Squatt Podcast #041 • Diarmaid O Meara

Lounge Squatt Podcast #041 • Diarmaid O Meara

Lounge Squatt Podcast #041 •Diarmaid O Meara 1)Ben Techy - Capital Punishment - Henge Remix - Variance 2)Mike Humphries - Jupe - Hard Electronic 3)Vegim - Concrete - TMMR 4)Sebastian Groth - Awake - Advent Remix - Back Spin Records 5)Schuw - Raza Vega - Struktur 6)Diarmaid O Meara - Disco Murderer - Gobsmacked 7)Dandi & Ugo - Break Bass - GO!DIVA remix - Evil Things Music Group 8)Darmec - Volatile - Mark EG remix - Bubblejam 9)Boglin - Mental Block - Hard Electronic 10)Kalden Bess - Death Squad - Drumcell Remix - Blind Spot Music 11)Ben Long - Fire In The Hole - EPM 12)Diarmaid O Meara - Selfish Bass - Gobsmacked 12)Dave Simon - Buji - DSR 13)Gabeen - Farewell - Gobsmacked 14)Oliver Kucera & Diarmaid O Meara - Shadowmen - Gobsmacked 15)Jamie Bissmire & Ben Long - The Burner - Gobsmacked 16)Imecka - Number Five - Vegim Repaint - TMMR 17)Diarmaid O Meara - Stay Jackin 102 - Gobsmacked 18) Vulture Culture - Sick Note - Gobsmacked Info

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18. Lounge Squatt Podcast #025 • Sidechange

Lounge Squatt Podcast #025 • Sidechange

Lounge Squatt podcast #025 guestmix by Sidechange Tracklist 1 )Convextion – Untitled (Acido Records) 2 )Future 9192 – House Of Snax (Continuum Series 1991 – 1998) 3) Unknown Artist – Ahfmmco (GKNSTR) 4) Milton Bradley – Spiral Of Silence (Do Not Resist The Beat!) 5) Blacknecks – Untitled 4 (Blacknecks) 6) Perc & Truss – Leather & Lace (Perc Trax Limited) 7) Ugandan Methods / Prurient – Call 3 (Downwards) 8) Nyarlathotep – Track 1 (Voitax) 9) Richard Hinge – Voices In My Head (New York Trax) 10) AD \\ DC – Sonic Erosion (Brothers) 11) Sleeparchive – A Wounded Worker (Sleeparchive) 12) British Murder Boys – Learn Your Lesson (Counterbalance) 13) Phil Moffa – Magnetic (The Corner) 14) Manni Dee – Abundant Fuckry (Leyla Records) 15) NPLGNN – Ravers Are Still Living (OKNO) 16) D.A.S.D.A. - Untitled (Repitch Recordings) "I was early fascinated with IDM and British electronic music. Influenced by Aphex Twin and Autechre, I've increased my passion for european sounds, analog machines and digital revolution. My dj sets are a chasing journey through hard experimentations and hypnotic techno, a mix of rhythmic sequences, noise, ambient structures and ancestral atmospheres." sc : @sidechange

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19. Lounge Squatt Podcast #045 Ira

Lounge Squatt Podcast #045 Ira

Born in Rome, from very young age finds in music her main artistic expression, started playing piano and studying classical music at the age of 6. Soon her interests will expand to all music genres, getting the biggest inspiration from industrial and EDM. After moving to London got involved in the rave scene and started organizing squat parties with several sound systems. She started playing records at the age of 20, establishing herself quickly as one of the youngest tekno djane in the illegal scene. In the following years her performances ranged many different styles including UK Acid, Hardtechno, Hardcore, Hardtek and Acidcore. Always eager for change and evolution moves to Berlin in 2007, where she immediately received enthusiastic support from the underground scene. In the last years has been organizing and playing in numberless illegal parties in many European countries. The straight deep bass and the cyclic waves of sounds are the features that marked from the beginning her performance as unmistakable mental experience. Recently her musical research moved on to the latest techno tendencies. She has being playing in many renowned parties, a. o. Drone, Gegen Berlin, Buttons, Berlin Invasion, Vinilika and Rituals. Currently she collaborates with the labels Violent Cases and Drop Forge, works as night manager for Gegen Berlin and as production manager for festivals and theaters. Tracklist 1. Drum 2001, Roby M Rage - Yin Yang 2. Shapeshifter, Luix Spectrum / Matt Mus - Naked Lunch 3. Autism, Prodx / Klangtronik - Klangrecords 4. Limbus, Kai Pattenberg / Neusn - Hardwandler Records 5. Es Geschiet Nichts, Voodoopriester / Neusn - Rawhard Audio Records 6. Affenzirkus, Neusn Remix / Voodoopriester - Yellow Hazard Recordings 7. Burn in Flames, Sopik Remix Sopik, Prodx Hardwandler Records 8. Stella, Thomas Schumacher - Noir Music 9. Naked Sun, Roby M RageYin Yang 10. Smell Of The Rain Original Mix Irregular Synth Driving Forces 11. Poison Hackler & Kuch Remix HystericmaniakSound Of Techno 12. Reactor Shutdown, Prodx - Dark Celebrate

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