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1. Initial D Fourth Stage Special Non-Stop Mix Lyrics

Initial D Fourth Stage Special Non-Stop Mix Lyrics

Mt. Akinas Highway Driftin up and down that shit Gunma's going crazy Shiftin' gears and pulling tricks You think you can pass me Sucka betta watch yourself cause if you get too close you gone be losi

2. Initial A Lyrics

Initial A Lyrics

in the hollow night wavering, worried i keep running looking for answer of my feeling what i feel? what's going on? i don't understand at all And you're floating and it's like this amazing, amazing r

3. Noizy Tribe Lyrics

Noizy Tribe Lyrics

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Now listen ya'll, what you waitin' for is the noizy tribe We're back! Furi hodo kitakute hazusu mune seefutii* Yureru omoi wo tsukamaete sou kiss wo shite Sou itsumo

4. Gang's All Here Lyrics

Gang's All Here Lyrics

Ayo, I been spittin' this rap shit for too long To let y'all heads get me hot under my collar through songs And best don't get it twisted My Magnum Force practice Operation Lockdown And don't you clow

5. The Initial High Lyrics

The Initial High Lyrics

Felt like I was dreamin' Finally I had a roof and that was proof that I could do it like a He-Man If I can make it, I'ma tell you anyone can make it I was naked wit' no money lookin' bummy, barely bre

6. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Initial P remix) Lyrics

Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Initial P remix) Lyrics

I forgot to wear my cross tonight I left my garlic at home It's so dumb but it's so fun To wander 'round the city alone I'm runnin', fallin' down Chase me all around this town And now you've finally g

7. Big Spender (Bonus Track on Initial Release Only) Lyrics

Big Spender (Bonus Track on Initial Release Only) Lyrics

When I rap, I be shakin' 'em Every song that I write, DJ bangin' 'em So you say that I'm whack but they playin' 'em Got Ferraris and cribs and y'all hatin' 'em Nothin' to say to them I outrated them

18. Match Box Blues Lyrics

Match Box Blues Lyrics

Matchbox Blues by Blind Lemon Jefferson MAIN VERSION How far to the river, mama, walk down by the sea How far to the river, walk down by the sea I got those tadpoles and minnows all in over me Stan

19. Fly Away Lyrics

Fly Away Lyrics

You know that nights belongs to lovers of this time you see tonight we'll get the treasure of your life over and over we're flying away to another place maybe tonight, we'll reach the sky Fly away, f

20. Dave's Den Lyrics

Dave's Den Lyrics

Are you feeling sassy boy Would you like a brand new toy Is your heart all filled with joy Turn yourself ‘round I feel coy Listen up little men you're invited to Dave's Den Come and play in my pen