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1. IDENTIFY - 28.09.2017 + A Tensile Special

IDENTIFY - 28.09.2017 + A Tensile Special

2200 - 0100 THURSDAY -> IDENTIFY returns with a 3 hour special for the upcoming 3rd Tensile party in Leeds, October 6th. Mallory hosts w/ an extended guest mix from fellow resident Sputnik. Mallory SFV Acid - Dickinsdontlie [BAKK] Caron - Science (Hexagon remix 1) [Transcendent] London Modular Alliance - Home Grown [Hypercolour] Noumen - White Silence (Morphology 24 remix) [Central Processing Unit] Silicon Scally – Iridium [Innerspace] Unknown – Unknown Silicon Scally – Das Haus [Innerspace] Privacy - Four IO [Klakson] UAS - World Gets Crazy [Dolly Deluxe] Morphology - Conductive Force [Innerspace] Duplex - Voidfiller [Dolly Deluxe] Sync 24 - Memory Bubble (Jensen Interceptor remix) [Central Processing Unit] M-Twelve – All The Things [Electrix] The Resonance Committee – We Are Visionary [Cultivated Electronics] Univac – Null [30Drop] Afik Naim - Saturniidae [Dolly Deluxe] Galaxian - Daisy Cutter [Shipwrec] Ekman - Sturm Und Drang [Shipwrec] Sputnik CH-Signal Laboratories (8003 Lucerne) - Scale 2 [Sandwell District] Function - Reykjavik [Sandwell District] Sandwell District - Grey Cut Out (Version) [Sandwell District] Hiver - Soundescence [Curle Recordings] Minilogue - Arb Almub Almoh (Kenneth Graham remix) [Mothership] Kovyazin D - The Iron Jack [M>O>S Recordings] Chupacabras - Volveré [Go Finger] Stephen Lopkin - Weegie In Wigan [M>O>S Recordings] Rhythim Is Rhythim - Emanon (I-Robots Reconstruction Take II) [Opilec Music] Trevino - Juan Two Five [The Nothing Special] Inigo Kennedy - NGC6826 (Blinking Eye) [Token] Moderat - Seamonkey (Surgeon Remix) [BPitch Control] A Made Up Sound - Cheater VIP [Clone Basement Series] Spank Spank - Domain (Spanky's Groove Mix) [Sex Trax] Paul Mac - 92 Way Of Acid [Teng] Hardfloor - Necessary Roughness [Hardfloor] DJ HMC - 6AM [Reflector Records] Steve Poindexter - Work That Mutha Fucker (Like A Tim Mixx) [Djax-Up-Beats] Armando -Land Of Confusion Remix [Secret Mixes Fixes] Phortune - Jiggerwatts [DJ Classic Mastercuts]

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2. Dubsteppers Delight on - Crowell Guest Mix

  • Published: 2018-04-04T22:07:47Z
Dubsteppers Delight on - Crowell Guest Mix Guest mix i did for Skrewface for his weekly Dubsteppers Delight on!!! Special shoutout to everyone who locked in live, #CHATROOMGANG ! Download for free on The Artist Union 1.The Greys - Jehu 2.Mere - Flurgen 3.Damned - Obliteration(SpaceJail Remix) 4.He$H x Blunts - ID 5.Subfiltronik - BlockPass(Enimpa Edit) 6.Infekt - Double Hammer 7.Yasout(Bommer Edit) 8.Psycho - Really Want It 9.Subfiltronik - Space Droid(AKira VIP) 10.Preditah - Circles(R4D Remix) 11.Double S ft Jme - Style & Flows 12.Enigma Dubz - Skitzo 13.Enigma Dubz - Gangsta 14.Snor - Shizzle 15.SpaceJail - Ruckus 16.Benzmixer - BioClones 17.Murda - Toog Anthem 18.Manuk - Faded Dub 19.Crowell x Subfiltronik - Yasuo Vs Monsters 20.Wevaman and Khalil - StormTrooper(Forthcoming Blacklight Audio) 21.Akronym - Advanced Darkness 22.Subfiltronik - Blockz(Enimpa VIP) 23.Flix and Motus - Clear Cut VIP 24.Badphaze - Output Control(Akira 2k17 Remix) 25.Psycho - Shaolin Tales 26.Rapture4D - Spartan Tekkers 27.Preditah - Groupies 28.Kliptikz - Violence VIP 29.Rapture4D - Quan Chi Riddim 30.Motus - Retarded 31.LazyFlex - Boom 32.Flakzz - Regardless 33.Eflexx - Zilch 34.Trends - Devils Theme 35.Chaimba - Mad Riddim 36.Subject 31 x Help7 - Doki Doki Riddim 37.Motus - Space Gun(Monsters Spesh) 38.ID 39.Efflex & Jack Dat - Flex Dat 40.Bonzi - Impulse 41.Neonix - Nose Bleed 42.Shaolin Blockz 43.TopHat - Alien Language 44.Jam PRD - Guardians 45.Psycho - Ghost Stories 46.Psycho & Crowell - Hell Spirit 47.Flix - Perish(PackBack Remix) 48.Kleavr x Tactix - ID 49Rawtee - Killing Machine 2018 Street Fighter VIP 50.Neonix - Saswalk 51.Riddim Thots(Symbiotic Remix) 52.Akira - Scottish Warlord(Rapture4D Remix) 53.ID 54.Snor - Anthem 2017 55.As If Kid - Sample Pack 56.Abstrakt Sonance x Crowell - ID 57.Absktrakt Sonance x Crowell - New Style(Instrumental) 58.Psycho - Really Want It(Crowell Trap Remix)(ft MIK) 59.Jammz - Hit Then Run(Vinosano Remix) 60.Vinosano - Dream(ft Capo Lee)

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3. Bass Agenda - 12.01.2018 + The Horrorist + Slaves of Sinus

Bass Agenda - 12.01.2018 + The Horrorist + Slaves of Sinus

2000 - 2200 FRIDAY -> Part 1: Interview with The Horrorist Illektrolab & 4th Genome - Bass Agenda Intro The Horrorist - One Night In NYC The Horrorist - Wet and Shiny The Horrorist - The Man Master The Horrorist - Modern The Horrorist - 13 Dobermans The Horrorist - The Darkness That Was Meant To Be Depeche Mode - World Full of Nothing Front 242 - Deceit Throbbing Gristle - United Nitzer Ebb - Let Beauty Loose The Horrorist - Can You Hear The Sound The Horrorist - RIOT The Horrorist - Programmed Emmanuel Top - This Is Cocaine DAF - Als wars das letzte Mal (Boys Noize remix) Temper Tantrum/Oliver Chesler - You're Going Down The Horrorist - RIOT (Stickhead remix) Part 2: Guest mix from Slaves of Sinus Nitzer Ebb - Fun to be had Millimetric - Who killed Bambi Death in Vegas - Hands around my throat (Adult remix) Exzakt - Electro Schematic Carl Finlow - Hashtag Franck Kartell - Sedna Anthony Rother - My name is Telekraft The Hacker - Camisole Chimique Sync 24 & Silicon Scally - Clickjacking (vox edit) The Soft Moon - Wrong (Dave Clarke remix) Mikron - Dry Sense II Mazzula - Wired Paul Hardcastle - Rokyafuture Gesloten Cirkel - Zombie Machine (Acid) Black Spider Clan - Living in a twilight.

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4. Bass Agenda - 28.07.2017 + Boris Bunnik aka Conforce

Bass Agenda - 28.07.2017 + Boris Bunnik aka Conforce

2000 - 2200 FRIDAY -> One of electronic music's finest dominates the Agenda this week - Boris Bunnik of The Netherlands. Recognised most for his work as Conforce and Versalife he chats to Andy, selects some of his favourite tunes and lays down a deep guest mix in the second hour. - Versalife - Raptures of the Deep Conforce - Oasis Versalife - The Interrogation Conforce - Grace The Other People Place - Sorrow and a Cup of Joe Pub - Summer Versalife - Artificial Affection Silent Harbour - Salt Water Intrusion Microlith - Holy Flow Varg - Herione II (Cry for You) Conforce - Introspection Kurt Baggeley - Interfaced (Portofino Sunrise remix)

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5. Summer's End Mix for Colpey Calling @futuremusic.FM

  • Published: 2017-09-12T10:39:39Z
  • By Naphta
Summer's End Mix for Colpey Calling @futuremusic.FM

The Comet Is Coming - New Age (Leaf) Gaijin Blues - Untitled 2 (Unreleased) Gaijin Blues - Untitled 3 (Unreleased) Naphta - Tackle Zone (forthcoming Skylax Records) Naphta - Feat Of Iron (forthcoming Skylax Records) MRTN - UPnDOWN (P!L) Alma Negra - Mageko (Sofrito) Tanzania Soundsystem - Msichana (Huntleys & Palmers) PHILOU LOUZOLO - Ngaa Ngaa (TINK!) Fattish - Gel Seher (Hamam House) Pat' Ndoye - More Love (Analog Africa) Pasteur Lappe - Na Real Sekele Fo Ya (Africa Seven) Mori-Ra - Tsuru-Kame Hinadisco (Macadam Mambo) Baden Powell & Vinicius De Moraes - Canto De Xango (World Music Network)

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6. Vector Radio

Vector Radio

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7. Bass Agenda - 25.08.2017 + DJ Overdose + Larry McCormick

Bass Agenda - 25.08.2017 + DJ Overdose + Larry McCormick

2000 - 2200 FRIDAY ->

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8. MORGVE - 19.08.2017

MORGVE - 19.08.2017

2000 - 2200 SATURDAY -> Trance and witch house w/ MORGVE this week for Audio Terrorism Radio. - Gonzalo DJ Nukem vs.Chab - Deepest Level [Cyber Records] Active Sight - Out Of Our Lives [Captivating Sounds] Pulser - Square One [ASOT] Haak P. Annunaki - Frenzy (MK-S remix) [ASOT] Memory Loss - Endless Dreams [AVA Recordings] Sam Sharp - Deep [Reset Records] Nu NRG - Dreamland [Vandit Records] 2nd Phase - Hysteria [Damaged Records] Angelic Touchdown - Marinero (Nu Nrg Extended Mix) [Extra Wild!] Nordlicht - Cry [Reality Bites Records] M.U.T.E. - Missed Beat (DuMonde remix) [Missed Beat] Jam X - Warriors [Chaos Records] Nadia Giselle IC3PEAK - SO SAFE (ZOLOTO RMX) [Soundcloud] kareful - lost [Soundcloud] The Infinite $um X CHVRN - Silver Dream [Soundcloud] BΛNMΛSKIM - Call Me What You Want Salad Killaz - District [Soundcloud] TrashLord - Devils (ft. King Plague) [Bandcamp] Øfdream w hidden jayeem - End Of Cycle [Bandcamp] Six Degreez - По Разбитым Стеклам [VK] ΛΛ4Я4ZΛΛ - ƿƦōɱɨƾꞓ [Bandcamp] Blvckholes - Vetrom [Bandcamp] Crystal Castles - Kerosene (Taylor Trash Sl0w) [Bandcamp] Полея Увода - Ночь гърянет [VK] tsujiura - _submassed [Soundcloud] Unison - Blood Blood Blood [Lentonia Records] Season Of Sorrow -Тень [Soundcloud] Teengirl Fantasy - Dancing in Slow Motion (CRIM3S remix) [Soundcloud] † - leave me alone [Soundcloud] Навьи Чары - Скука [VK] Iиfected Uиicorn - Sex, Drugs & Uиicorn [Bandcamp] SUBURBANKIDCVL - †WHITE † ROBES [Soundcloud] BrickzCivilization - V7E7N7O7M7O7U7S7 7P7O7E7M7 feat. B›NM›SKIM [Soundcloud] mиsophonиa - Flipside [ATRwMORGVE EXCLUSIVE] suffica - she has your eyes [Soundcloud] EvɇrSeenΔ Ghøstbɇfoɍe - Sỉłɇntiưm [Bandcamp] WWWINGS - NEVERLAND [Soundcloud] EMIKA - Flashback (Gnothi Seauton remix) [Soundcloud] DJ Snake - Propaganda (Valentino Khan remix) [DJ Snake Music LLC] DIE ANTWOORD - LOVE DRUG [Zef Recordz]

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9. Bass Agenda - 07.04.2017 + ADULT.

Bass Agenda - 07.04.2017 + ADULT.

2000 - 2200 FRIDAY -> One of Detroit's finest, most individual, and eclectic acts dominates the Bass Agenda show this week - ADULT. Coinciding with their new album 'Detroit House Guests', they discuss first discovering electronic music, meeting Drexciya, making the new album, not emulating Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, and playing live. - ADULT. - They're Just Words (featuring Douglas J McCarthy) ADULT. - Kick in the Shin ADULT. - Hand to Phone ADULT. - Lost Love ADULT. - Stop (and Start Again) (featuring Shannon Funchess) ADULT. - Into the Drum (featuring Lun*na Menoh) ADULT. - P rts M ss ng (featuring Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe) ADULT. - As You Dream (featuring Michael Gira) P.I.L - This is Not a Love Song Cabaret Voltaire - Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself) Crass - Darling Black Flag - Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie Throbbing Gristle - Discipline (Manchester) Drexciya - Unknown Journey III Drexciya - Take Your Mind Visage - Frequency 7 (7" version) Depeche Mode - The Sun and the Rainfall ADULT. - Pressure Suit ADULT. - We Know How to Have Fun ADULT. - R.S.x ADULT. - We Will Rest ADULT. - Inclined to Vomit Solvent & Skanfrom - Expect Delays Xeno & Oaklander - Movements Liars - Mask Maker

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10. Mantis Radio - 25.04.2018 + Speak Onion

Mantis Radio - 25.04.2018 + Speak Onion

2000 - 2200 WEDNESDAY -> US drum + noise producer Speak Onion (@speakonion) provides this week's Mantis session. DVNT also has new music from Inigo Kennedy and Makaton, Chevel's latest, recent Swarm Intelligence and more Blanck Mass, death metal from Sweden, Bristol bass, Brummie industrial and some 80s American hardcore. DVNT memotone – Dark Under The Eyes [memotone] Blanck Mass – Please (Zola Jesus remix) [Sacred Bones Records] SCNTST – Zuge [Boysnoize Records] Godflesh – Parasite [Avalanche Recordings] FRAK – Circulate [Kontra-Musik] Spahn Ranch – Locusts [Cleopatra] Rendered – STRONGER [Body Theory] Stripper – Strike Team [SLEEVE] Chevel – Data Recovery [Different Circles] Inigo Kennedy – Breaking Point [Token] Kassem Mosse – Paradizer [Ominira] Swarm Intelligence – Against the Dying Light [Voitax] Keepsakes – Pick ’em Till They Bleed (Ansome remix) [Haven] Makaton – Zip Work [Rodz Konez] Foetus – I Am Surrounded by Incompetence [Self Immolation]SPEAK ONION Speak Onion – Dead [Immigrant Breast Nest] forthcoming Speak Onion – Crossed and Folded [Ohm Resistance] Speak Onion – The Bait [Horae Obscura] p.Wrecks – Invitation (Speak Onion remix) [self released] Speak Onion – Maggot Whine [Ohm Resistance] Speak Onion – The Sun is in Syringes [Ohm Resistance]DVNT Laughing Hands – Ledge [Extreme] Pulp – This Is Hardcore [Island] Minor Threat – Steppin’ Stone [Dischord] Minor Threat – Screaming at a Wall [Dischord] Entombed – Left Hand Path [Earache] Laughing Hands – Three Stains On A Theme By Cesar Franck [Extreme]

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11. Various Vegetables - 02.03.2018 + Axiom

Various Vegetables - 02.03.2018 + Axiom

1800 - 2000 FRIDAY -> A special extended Veg show featuring a guest mix from Berlin’s Axiom - cofounder of Crazy Language netlabel and event organiser in Berlin. A long time friend of the VegLords, Axiom has been involved with running several club nights in Germany. Recently he’s been organising events with the Skizze collective and Crazy Language focused on experimental electronic and a/v concerts and is involved in X:Ploration which is a party series focused on all things electro. This epic four hour all vinyl set is a sound desk recording from the Freqs of Nature Festival from last July, 2017 and features an expertly-curated pick of IDM, glitch and experimental electronica. Lay back and let Axiom take you on a journey guided by some kind of crazy language.

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12. Tek No More - 10.08.2017 w/ Spin Fidelity

Tek No More - 10.08.2017 w/ Spin Fidelity

2000 - 2200 THURSDAY -> Covering for dj313 who's out of action with a broken arm, Spin Fidelity steps up with a slick selection of deep house, techno and electro cuts. - Kink & Fabrice Lig - Charleroi DC (Ian O'Brian) [Melodymathics] Raiders of the lost ARP - Miles [Nature] Fatdog - Down [Fatdog records] HVL - Sforzando Joy [Hysperian Sound Division] Theo Parrish - Walking Through The SKy [Sound Signature] Rennie Foster - Grass Roots (Mark Archer remix) [RF Trax] Martin De Brig - Agent Ozman (Chris Nez remix) [Titanic City] DMX Krew - Electro Worm (original mix) [Abstract Funk] Creta Kano - Glactik Halo [Bakhari records] Fit Sigel - Carmine [Fit Sound] Basic Soul Unit - Radiate [Dolly records] Randolph - Earth 2 God (Mike Banks remix) Sir Lord Commix - Dance upon the ceiling (For those that knoe) Mr. G - Hip Flexer Chris Mitchell & Amir Alexander - Dark Memories [Anunnaki Cartel] Rennie Foster - Low Boxing [Soiree Records International] Josh Garrett - Waterworks [Subspec] Casio Royal - Rudderless [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams] Infiniti - Game One (Steve Rachmad remix) [Bonzai Vinyl] Stephen Lopkin - Theme from SAPL [Bokhari records] John Shima - Convection [Common Dreams] Dopplereffekt - Infophysix [Clone Classic Cuts] The Exaltics - NGC253 - [Solar One Music] Model 500 - I wanna be there [R&S]

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13. Bass Agenda - 17.11.2017 + Mazzula + Nexus 23

Bass Agenda - 17.11.2017 + Mazzula + Nexus 23

2000 - 2200 FRIDAY Andy chats to Mazzula this week. In hour 2, an exclusive guest mix from Nexus 23. Illektrolab & 4th Genome - Bass Agenda Intro Mazzula - Malaise Mazzula - Purple Patches Mazzula - Bang Mazzula - Satdee Night Mazzula - Trance Bitch Mazzula - Somehow Dirty Mazzula - Seems Unique Mazzula - Out There Mazzula - Tekkatazzula 1 Mazzula - Evilectro 2 Ultravox - Vienna Public Enemy - 911 Is A Joke Suburban Knight - The Art of Stalking Scalameriya - Kepslok EOD - Swurlk (snarfingercroak mix) Nexus 23 - guest mix Luke Eargoggle & Kan3da - Night Smoker Scape One - Solaris Chromatix - Odetix Corp Morphology - Perfect Person Umwelt - Libertes Imaginees Gosub - Init Your Mind DJ Overdose - Why Does Nobody Answer The Phone? Gosub - Six of One C-Lektro - C-Lektro 4 A3 PQ17 - Silicone Fat Scape One - Angry Mangadroid Lanngman - 80017A Decka - Contrivance FAR Electronics - Inner Language Lectromagnetique - Ubel Shokh - The Man Hednoaks - Come Home With Me Komarken Electronics - Frostnatt Lectromagnetique - Orbiter Chromatix - Move-A-Tro

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14. Vector Radio - 25.03.2017 + DJ Mau Mau + Michael Dietze

Vector Radio - 25.03.2017 + DJ Mau Mau + Michael Dietze

2000 - 2200 SATURDAY -> Alex Strunz' Vector Radio showcases great techno talent – both local homegrown and worldwide. This week with Mau Mau and Michael Dietze. - MAU MAU Josh Wink - Superfreak [Ovum Recordings] Sasha - Pontiac (Mathew Dear Vs Audion remix) [Late Night Tales] The Martinez Brothers, Jerome Sydenham & Mathew Jonson - No Pop feat Flipsonik [Cuttin' Headz] Robert Dietz - Orion Sapiano - Game Show (Veronezi Bootleg) Rodrigo Ferrari - Remember [Selectehouse Label] DJ Skull & Ron Maney - Trip The Life [Chiwax] Sidney Charles & Sante - Forever (Russ Yallop remix) [Phonica Records] Lacozta - Treze [OLGA Records] Marco Faraone - Next Level (Mathias Kaden remix) [Moon Harbour Records] Elias The Prophet - Dodrec120 Tiger Stripes - Body Shake [Truesoul] Rodrigo Risso - Kuiper [Valvula] Rico Puestel - Neyst [Cocoon Recordings] Renato Cohen - Cleverword Halley Seidel feat 4s0 - In Postestate (DJ Mau Mau & Franco Junior remix) [Jealous Records] Mano Le Tough - Energy Flow (DJ Koze remix) [Permanent Vacation] Mike Dehnert - How Close To Be [Pampa Records] Michael Dietze Emanuel Satie - Cat Fight [Moon Harbour Recordings] Nick Curly - Rosario [8Bit] Kaiserdisco The Southern - Subconscious [KD RAW] James Slaven - Basement Bombs [Under No Illusion] Kalden Bess & Secret Cinema - Pow Pow (Sasha Carassi remix) [Ground Factory] Carlo Ruetz - Through Walls [Through Walls] Reinier Zonneveld - EHT (Secret Cinema & Egbert remix) [Stil vor Talent] Emmanuel Blue & The Cube Guys & Landmark - Completely feat. Emmanuel Blue [Great Stuff] Artur Silver - Asix [VFTR] Nico Cabeza - Odin [SNATCH! RECORDS] Asio aka R-Play - Emotion [Orbeatal] Barbuto - Aperture [Reload Black Label] Carara - Green Water Of Soul [Klinik Room] Kalden Bess - RAW (Petter B remix) [Ground Factory Records] Carlo Ruetz - Distorted Perception [Sci + Tec] Nihil Young Damarii - Want You (Tim Fishbeck remix) [Tulipa Recordings]

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15. Stalker Radio - 25.11.2017

Stalker Radio - 25.11.2017

1600 - 1800 SATURDAY -> Stalker's Rory St John and Swarm Intelligence present a choice selection of noise, distortion, breaks and 4/4 direct from Berlin. Witch - Vosmc [Leyla Records] Grey Branches - Synthesis Swindle [Inner Surface Music] Tomohiko Sagae - Cold Chamber [Rodz-Konez] Olga + Josef - 6B [Olga + Josef] Ducerey Ada Nexino - Mouth Of Which [Genesa] Oleka - Dismay [Genesa] NX1 - 023 (Go Hiyama Remix) [Nexe] Female - Exotica (Female EDit) [RSB] Lag - Salajka [Mord] Throwing Shapes - Heatstroke [Argot] Scalameriya & VSK - Arise [Power Vacuum] Surgeon - Klonk [Dynamic Tension] Mugon - Untitled (e-com 015 A1) [Element Com] Makaton - Around The Throat [Voitax] Container - Slush [Liberation Technologies] Regis - The Master Side [Blackest Ever Black] Yuuki Saka - Kij [Black Sun Records] Stave - Black Hills [Standards & Practices] Raum Null - Ghosts [Belgrade Dubs] Killawatt - Crackerjack Cacophony [47] Curve - Falling Free (Aphex Twin Remix) [Warp] Shxcxchcxsh - Stämma #8 [Rösten] Prequel Tapes - The Stream Blawan - C993 [Ternesc] Regis - Her Surrender [Downwards] Paàl Feat. Mara - Her Holiness [Voitax] Peter Gual - A nes teu silenci [Trust] Ausgang - Panic [Ausgang] Bleaching Agent - Aweil [Voitax] Rumenige Feat. Loktibrada - Moda [Palicavonzvreca] Ken Ishii - Overlap [Mark Broom Remix] Rory St John - Ex Battery [RLSD] JK Flesh - Contorted [Downwards] Stave - Fought Pt.2 [iia recordings] Swarm Intelligence - Seak [KRLF] Adapta - Vohx Continues [Furstrated Funk] Professor X - Professor X (Saga) [Techno Kut Records] Gesloten Cirkel - Submit X [Murder Capital] Randomer - Huh [L.I.E.S] Umwelt - Strange Attractor [Fallen Ethics] Clatterbox - Sentinel [Solar One Music] Bleaching Agent - Aweil [Voitax]

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16. Mantis Radio

Mantis Radio

1800 - 2000 SUNDAY ->

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17. Fistfull Of Soul - 29.05.2017

Fistfull Of Soul - 29.05.2017

2000 - 2200 MONDAY -> Joining the FM folk, Martyn Taylor's Fistfull Of Soul - rammed with some of the best funk & soul nuggets out there.

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18. Bombardier @ FutureMusic.FM (10-19-2016)(Demagogue Mix)

Bombardier @ FutureMusic.FM (10-19-2016)(Demagogue Mix)

1-hour Bombardier mix played on Mahr's show on FutureMusic.FM.

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19. Bass Agenda - 02.06.2017 + Volsoc + Billy Nasty

Bass Agenda - 02.06.2017 + Volsoc + Billy Nasty

2000 - 2200 FRIDAY -> Bass Agenda interview US duo Volsoc (Jean-Paul Bondy & Justin Maxwell. The pair remains one of the most individual sounding acts in the electro world with their signature twisted vocal processing, heavy beats and utterly 'out there' sci-fi vibe. They talk about their influences, first gear and tracks that have impressed them recently. In hour 2 Billy Nasty returns for a third time with his usual high standard of electro selections. The legendary DJ running the highly regarded Tortured and Electrix labels. - Volsoc - Here Come Volsoc Cybrid - Bumper (Volsoc's 10,000 +1 spaceships attacking a very small planet mix) Volsoc - Shout Out Justin Maxwell - The Windey Man Volsoc - Compuphonic Intelligence (Silicon Scally remix) LA Synthesis - Reprise Volum - Force States of Matter Sir Mix-A-Lot - Posse On Broadway ELO - Mr Blue Sky Carl Stone - Sukothai (extract) Lost Idol - Mechanically Void Hydroplane - Vice Grips Mari Sari - Zagrebacki Elektricni Pip Williams - Outer Limits Dr Schmidt - Needle Cast Billy Nasty Radioactiveman - Sonic Portal - Asking For Trouble Acid Jesus - Turkey Skank - Klang Vertical67 - Morphed Reality - Brokntoys Mr. Velcro Fastener - Almost There - Dum Records A Credible Eye Witness – Episode 10 - ACEW Simulant - Musical Box - Scopex Lake Haze - Poseidon's Dream - Crème Organization Sync 24 x Privacy - Hard To Tell - Cultivated Electronics Kovyazin D & Moralez - Sunken Space Sea - Eidetic DeFeKT - MG1 - Cultivated Electronics Radioactiveman - Fountain Of Wine - Asking For Trouble

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