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1. Night Radio Ep9: IELTS Speaking Sample Answer: An important person

Night Radio Ep9: IELTS Speaking Sample Answer: An important person

This is a program from Emma Learning English Script: Whenever being asked about who the person having a significant role to play in my life is, I always answer that is my best friend called Nhung. Um, I first met her 5 years ago when we were studying at our high school. Um, At that time, for me, she was nothing rather than a distant classmate. Since I thought she was not, um, kind of, not my cup of tea. Um, however, time’s gone by, we had more time to talk and share. We often hung out with each other after classes or went shopping , which helped us to get away from it all and recharged ourselves. well, ever since then, we got closer and closer. Now she is my beloved soulmate that I can’t imagine how terrible, lonely my life would be if somedays she disappeared. Frankly, I am quite into her tactfulness what I mean here is she seldom cuts somebody to the quick, or that sort of thing. That is the reason why we have never had any row so far. what’s more, it is she who gives me useful advice when I am in trouble. Being with her, I don’t have to keep anything quiet because she is such a thoughtful listener that I can, I can let all things out. To be honest not only am I in debt to her but also treasure this priceless friendship. (by Emma Le) More:

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2. Night Radio Ep8: IELTS Speaking Sample Answer: Task 2: Newspaper Magazine

Night Radio Ep8: IELTS Speaking Sample Answer: Task 2: Newspaper Magazine

This is a program from Emma Learning English IELTS Speaking Task 2 (Sample Answer) Script:Well, I have to admit that reading news used not to be my sort of thing so I had been indifferent to all kinds of newspaper until I discovered tabloids. On that day, when I was sick and tired of waiting for my friends coming, I picked a piece of The Daily Mirror, which is a well-known British national tabloid, you know, to kill the time. Surprisingly, it impressed me a great deal more deeply than what I had thought. Um, you know, at the very first look, I was fascinated by its large and eye-catching pictures with a vivid colors and thought-provoking headlines which are, you know, the typical characteristics of tabloid design. Along with that, I was also enchanted by the information provided in the papers. They tended to emphasize some heated and up-to-date topics such as crimes, celebrities, scandals or blockbusters. All of these features attracted me so profoundly that I started to read this tabloid out of habit. However, it is a pity that, um,The Daily Mirror is quite unpopular in Vietnam. I can just find it on bookcases at some English centers; therefore, I often go online in order to read them on their websites. (By Emma Le)

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3. Night Radio Ep15: IELTS Speaking Test Task2: Sample Answer: An ideal job

Night Radio Ep15: IELTS Speaking Test Task2: Sample Answer: An ideal job

Describe your idea of an ideal job You should say: - What the job is - Why you would like to do this job - Whether it would be easy to do this job And say whether it would be easy to find a job like this. Among many types of job in labour market, teaching is the one I have dreamt to do. Although it is considered a dead-end job, it still can provide me a fortune if I work hard enough with dedication. Not to mention the, the flexitime that teachers get, by which I mean if someday the teacher picks up an illness, he/she can have a day-off and then gives students a makeup later. What I fancy most in this job is that I can work with students who are very young and enomously enthusiastic, well , sometimes extremely rebellous, though. The reason for this interest is working with under-age people would make me somehow younger in mind.. However, I do believe that it is not a piece of cake to take this job due to competiveness of the labour market. What’s more, if I want to be a teacher at a school or uiniversity, I have to sit the civil service exam which is completely difficult. Additionally, nepotism is very popular in this field. I mean lots of people get job as a teacher by their money and relationships. Well, anyway, against all odds, I am trying my best to make my dream come true. ---by Emma Le--- More:

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4. Night radio Ep18: Sample answer for IELTS speaking Task1: Hometown

Night radio Ep18: Sample answer for IELTS speaking Task1: Hometown

This is a program from Emma Learning English - Where is your hometown located? My hometown is a familiar landscape called My Duc. Since it is 50 kilometers far from the center of Hanoi, it takes me roughly 2 hour to travel by bus from there to Hanoi. - Could you tell me something about your hometown? Well, despite the rapid modernization, my hometown still remains unspoilt.There is no high-rised building, you know, no hustle-and-bustle supermarket, insteads, traditional-designed houses and quaint shops are quite popular. Also, people in my land are so friendly that they never hesitate to give you a hand if you need help. - What is the main crop in your hometown? My villagers cultivate mostly rice because, you know, rice is the main food in Vietnam. However , the winter here is freezing cold so famers grow some other plants such as beans and maize which can strongly endure extreme weather. - What is the main tourist attraction in your hometown? Well, i have to say that Huong pagoda is such a must-see place for visitors. If you visit Huong Pagoda, you will catch the sight of specular moutain ranges, ancient temples, all of which will definitely enchant you. That is the reason why every year, it attracts multi-million of people who come from many regions of the world. -by Emma Le- More:

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5. Night Radio Ep19: IELTS Speaking Test Task 1: Family And House

Night Radio Ep19: IELTS Speaking Test Task 1: Family And House

- Do you have sisters or brothers? Well, disappointedly no. I am an only-child so there are just 3 three people in my family: my mom, my dad and I. Because of being a single child, I always wish to have a sibling and jealous to everyone who has. However sometimes, I am still fascinated by my freedom life in which there is no one who interferes my privacy. - Do you like doing housework? Well, to be honest, I am not quite into doing chores since they’re utterly tiring, you know. However, if I neglect to do the chores, my house will be unbearably dirty, untidy due to the dust, the garbage piling up everyday. Therefore, no matter how exhausting it is, I’m still responsible for my housework as a part and parcel of my life. - What kinds of housework do you often do? There are myriad of unnamed kinds of chore I am in charge of. Among them, dish-washing and furniture cleaning are the two works I do most frequently. Since there are just 3 three members in my family, my washing stuff is not very exhausting. However, my house is quite close to the road, as the result, unless I clean all the furniture every two days, they will be covered by a thick layer of dust. - Will you describe your home / flat / room to me? My house is a newly-built apartment located near Pham Hung Street. It has such a spacious living room that I can throw a really wild party in. However, my favourite room is my modern-designed bed room where I can give vent to my stress by lying with relief on my bed, looking out the window. -----by Emma Le---- More:

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6. Ep11: IELTS Speaking Test: TASK 2: Sample Answer: A Country To Visit

Ep11: IELTS Speaking Test: TASK 2: Sample Answer: A Country To Visit

This is the Night Radio Program from Emma Learning English Script: Describe a country you would like to visit You should say: - What the country is - Why you would like to visit this country - What you know about this country And whether you think you will visit this place in the future Ranked in the first place in my list of “must-see” places is England, which is located in the North of Europe. You know, there are so many intriguing cities in this country that visitors are, somehow, you know, spoilt for choice when deciding where to visit. Well, I was,um, fascinated by historic houses, quaint tea shops and, you know, bustling shopping streets in York which is said to be the only city of England having historical beauty and virtual diversity. Um, what’s more, I am wholeheartedly affected by the sleepy beauty of West Midland where there are a lot of quiet villages and unique traditional dishes, or that sort of thing. Besides, having read a variety of articles about England, I know that people here are somehow overly polite. By which I mean, they, um , they ,they often don’t say what actually they mean because they, you know, tend to use hedging expressions. However, to be honest, I admire this style of communication. Thus , I do think that if my financial budget were big enough, I would book a ticket to England. ---------- (by Emma Le) More:

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7. NIght Radio Ep10:TASK 2: IELTS Speaking Test: A busy time in your life

NIght Radio Ep10:TASK 2: IELTS Speaking Test: A busy time in your life

This is a program from Emma Learning English Script: Never before have I experienced as harduous and busy time as I did in my forth semester. During the first 4 months of 2014, I was snowed under workload and studying. Now that I had to fullfill the duty both in work and in studying, I did, kind of multitasking. Before the lessons, I was expected to get all the homework done, as well as prepare for the next lessons. Well, not to mention a myriad of asignments such as: Presentation, Speaking Forum, which put a huge stress on me. At that time, I wanted to be indepentdent from my parents so I decided to offer them a financial support cut-off. To earn my living, I did a part-time job as a tutor for 2 people, one I taught TOEFL and one I helped him with Pronunciation. You know,that stuff also added up the pressure on me since I had to run against the clock to prepare the lesson plan very carefully everyday. Yeap, being under that enormous workload piling up on me day by day, I felt completely exhausted, you know, sick and tired. The only thing I longed to do was getting away from it all or travelling to somewhere to give vent to my stress. But unfortunately, I counldn’t. Well, you know, that is the most terrible episode of my life thus I never wish to meet again. (by Emma Le) Visit my fanpage:

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8. Ep45: Series spotlights King-Monk

Ep45: Series spotlights King-Monk

- Broadcaster: Emma Le — A historical television series on the life of King-Monk Tran Nhan Tong, the founder of Viet Nam Zen Buddhism, will be filmed early next month by the private entertainment group, Viet Nam Tinh Hoa (Viet Ess). The 45-part series, Phat Hoang Tran Nhan Tong (King-Monk Tran Nhan Tong), is written by a group of 11 scriptwriters and authors knowledgeable about Vietnamese history and Buddhism. The screenplay was based on nine novels by writers Hoang Quoc Hai, Ha An and Tran Dai Si.The film's director, Meritorious Artist Van Luong, and his staff spent more than three years preparing for filming. "My staff and I have worked with dozens of experts in language, costume design, and props to improve our knowledge and understand how all of these fields in the film are important historically, technically, and socially," said Luong. The series is about the life and attainment of Nirvana of King-Monk Tran Nhan Tong , the third king of the Tran dynasty, who /əˈsend ascended the throne when he was just 21.The King was famed for defeating Mongol invaders. He abdicated the throne when he was 35 and spent the rest of his life on Yen Tu Mountain, located in Quang Ninh Province, practising and propagating Buddhism.He founded the Truc Lam School of Zen and worked to unify different Vietnamese Buddhism sects into Vietnamese Zen Buddhism. The Central Committee of the Viet Nam Buddhist Sangha has long observed the day the King attained Nirvana (the first day of the 11th lunar month) as the national anniversary of Vietnamese Buddhism. "Through the film, we wanted to spotlight King-Monk Tran Nhan Tong's remarkable spirit and work," said Luong, adding that the film is his greatest project.Luong's film attracted more than 100 actors and stuntmen, who have been trained by film and theatre experts, such as People's Artists Nguyen Dinh Quang, Man Thu, Nhu Quynh and Le Chuc. The producer Viet Ess has also constructed a 15-hectare studio in Uong Bi City in Quang Ninh Province for filming. Post-production work on the film Phat Hoang Tran Nhan Tong will be completed in Ha Noi later this year. - Source: Vietnamnews - More:

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9. Ep22: Sample Answer for IELTS Speaking Test (TASK 3) in Uzbekistan in June 2014

Ep22: Sample Answer for IELTS Speaking Test (TASK 3) in Uzbekistan in June 2014

- Why do you think it is important to learn a foreign language? I believe there are a number of explanations behind this. The chief reason might be the neccessity of global communication. What I mean here is currently the open economic policies, the development of social networking sites has been boosting the communication among people from a variety of countries. As the result, it’s essential for them to learn other languages so that they can talk, or discuss without the language barrier. For intance, if I can speak English, then absolutely, I can struck up relationships with the British or I can do business with US salespeople. Another main basis is that people have a chance to widen their knowledge on foreign countries. Undoubtedly, when we study a language, we also get a great deal of information about the culture, geography, and the people of that country through the text books. - How is it helpful to you to speak a foreign language? Well, I would say without doubt that speaking a foreign language is entirely beneficial for me. One of the dominant advantages is that I can effortlessly communicate with foreign people when traveling around. For instance, when I visit Old Quarter, it is fairly easy for me to help any foreign vistors who get lost or chat with them about Vietnamese culture. As well as this, there is a strong ll can get better career opportunities if I can speak other languages apart from my mother tounge. You know, many companies offer higher salary for employees who know English, Chinese or Japanese, for example. Thus, I firmly believe that it’s my outstanding strength if I can master more than one language. - What is the most difficult part of learning a foreign language for you? Obviously, there are hundreds of difficulties in learning a second language. From my own experience, the most challenging aspect is pronunciation since um, firstly, I am affected by my mother tounge. I mean as I am so familiar with Vietnamese sounds, I find it exceedingly difficult to make English sounds which are inexistent in Vietnamese such as /θ/ in think or thank. The second reason for this hardship underlies in the differences in the mechanisms of speech production. What I am trying to get at is no matter how hard I practise, I can’t pronounce all the words exactly the same as the native speakers do because I have the difference throat or tounge structures. - Why don’t some people know the language of the society they live in? I think there is no surprise that some people is unable to understand the language used around them. Well, It’s likely that those people are immigrants. Since their mother tounge is not the language spoken in the land they’re living in, naturally , they can’t understand what people are talking about if they haven’t taken any courses to learn that language before . Besides, the second reason is probably that they live with some physical disabilities such as deafness or muteness. Those disabilities prevent them from using and grasping normal languages, insteads, they use some exclusive types: body languages for example. --by Emma Le-- More:

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10. Night Radio Ep14: IELTS Speaking Test: Sample answer: Personality

Night Radio Ep14: IELTS Speaking Test: Sample answer: Personality

This is the program from Emma Learning English Talk about something good about your personality. You shoud say: - What this thing is - Why you think it is good - How it influences you life And say whether other people would agree that this is a good thing. Well, among aspects of my personality, the one that I most enjoy is my optimism. What I mean here is I always look at the bright side of the issue when being in trouble or kind of that. Additionally,I prefer to think about what I can do instead of what I should have done. I firmly believe that it is important for people to be optimistic because being so, you know, we can get away from being deeply hurt by a dozen of disappointing things that, that happen to us daily. Well, honestly looking back, I think optimism has been making my life enomously better. With this optimistic vision, overcoming troubles for me is just, kind of, a piece of cake. Moreover, people in my circle may also be pleased when being with me now that they can be encourged to come to term with troubles. Well, It is glad to know that people around me agree with the way I against all odds, think optimisticly. ---by Emma Le----- More:

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11. Ep21: Sample answer for IELTS Speaking test (Task2) in UZBEKISTAN June 2014

Ep21: Sample answer for IELTS Speaking test (Task2) in UZBEKISTAN June 2014

Talk about a foreign language that you know and how you learned it. Please say: - How exactly did you learn it? - Where did you learn it? - Did somebody help you in any way? Um, apart from English, I used to spend time to learn Chinese which is considered one of the most challenging languages in the world. Um, learning speaking skill comes, you know, naturally to almost of Vietnamese people since, um,we have a wide range of vocabulary and grammar structures in common. This results from the fact that we had been Chinese’s colony for roughly a millennium. In stark contrast, Chinese writing is miles more difficult than speaking as it is a, well, I can’t remember what word linguists call it, but,but, Chinese characters include hundreds of symbols. As the result, learners find it extremely challenging to remember how to write a word correctly. When I set out to study Chinese, there was no doubt in my mind that I couldn’t pull this language off alone. Therefore, I decided to take course in a famous Chinese center so that I could be taught by professional teachers. Although this center is located quite far from my house, I still against all odds, traveled a long distance to study with native teachers at that center. Not to mention the time I spent in the class, I and some of my classmates grouped up in order to practise listening and speaking at home. Besides, I wholeheartedly admired my teacher since he didn’t hesitate to correct all of my writing exercises that I sent him as well as advised me the most effective ways to master Chinese. Well, eventually, after a long time attempting to study, now, communicating with people in Chinese for me is just,well, a piece of cake. -------by Emma Le---------- More:

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12. Ep20: Sample answer for IELTS Speaking Test Task 3: Family And Marriage

Ep20: Sample answer for IELTS Speaking Test Task 3: Family And Marriage

- How different is your life from the lives of your grandparents? There are definitely a range of fundamental distinctions here. However, I supposed the most significant would be the facitilies. What I mean is in my grandparents’ time, people got everything done without any technological equiptments. Meanwhile, now it seems to me that I as well many other youngsters are deeply dependent on ,you know, hi-tech gadgets such as washing-machine, smartphone, vaccum cleaner, so on. And the second key contrast would lie on the neighborhood. 50 years ago my grandparents and their next door neighbor were very close to each other. They shared their stories, help each other, whereas, I can’t come to term with my neighbor now since we just focus on our own business. - What are the responsibilities of husband and wife? Well, personally speaking I think a marriaged couple shares the same responsibilities. Among them, the most crucial one that springs to my mind is earning money. I reckon both husband and wife should go to work so that they can receive an income to support their family, buying furnitures or paying children’s tutor free, for example. Another responsibility that I can think of is doing housework. Yeap, there is no doubt that in the past , the wife was supposed to do all the chores. However, I am utterly convinced that because the wife also has a tremendous number of duties at her workplace, those chores such as cleaning, cooking should be shared by her spouse . - Why is the divorce rate increasing in Vietnam? Well undoutedly, there are a variety of possible reasons behind this. The first one is that the couple is deeply under stress and pressure at work. They are in charged of a myriad of duties and suffer from bullying, for example. Consequently, they are both exhausted when coming home and more seriously, they lose their temper easily. Well then, another factor boosting the divorce rate is the high ego of modern people. I mean, when there is a conflict happening, none of the spouses wants to appologise but blames the other. As the result, the situation becomes too tense that they can’t heal the hurt and eventually they get a divource as the last solution. ----by Emma Le----

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13. Night Radio Ep16: Sample Answer: IELTS Speaking Test Task2: Advertisement

Night Radio Ep16: Sample Answer: IELTS Speaking Test Task2: Advertisement

This is the program from Emma Learning English Describe an advertisement that you have seen You should say: - What type of the advertisement it is - What it is about - When you first saw it And say what you like about it The most impressive advertisement I have seen so far is the hidden ad appearing in the music video of song Where do we go by Thanh Bui and Tata Young. In that video, the couple used mobilephones named SamSung Galaxy Note which are the latest model of SumSung Smartphone. In marketing field, that kind of hidden ad called product placement. Having appeared in the 4-minute video were many scenes showing the modern and hi-tech functions of the phone. For instance, when Catherine called AJ, there was his picture displayed on her screen. By which SamSung means this mobile enables user to save contacts with a picture. Or other example that I remember is the function of drawing messages. you can see in the video, Catherine drew “I love you” in the text box and happily sent it to her lover. Not to mention the function of sending voice mails and taking pictures with high quality which are very intriguing. What I appreciate this advertisement is that all of prominent features of the phone bear in the customers’ mind silently but profoundly . After the customers watch the video what actually left in their mind is not only the love story but also the outstanding features of SamSung Galaxy Note. -by Emma Le- More:

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14. ep25 Sample Answer for IELTS Speaking test (Task3) in Iran in June 2014

ep25 Sample Answer for IELTS Speaking test (Task3) in Iran in June 2014

- Would you like to reunite with your old friends? Absolutely yes, I fancy all special occasions when my old friends rejoin such as class reunions or a wedding party of a friend. This is a chance for us to meet each other after a long time separated. Although now we can effortlessly update information from our friends with the help of modern technology like mobile phone and social networking sites, for example, I still prefer a face to face meeting in which everyone can express their emotion easily. - What will you talk about with them? In those reunions, there are myriad of stories that I can chat about. Well, surely, I’ll recall our unforgettable memories when we were together. Besides, it would be miracle if I forget to share about my current life such as how it is going, whether my work is satisfying or not, kind of that. Also, I will definitely give my friends useful advices if they are in troubles. Anyway, I think everything in the world could possibly be our chat topic when we gather together. - Why do some people cut off old friendships? I firmly believe that it’s understandable when people stop being friends. One of the reasons that springs in my mind is they simply grow apart. I mean their personalities or their lifestyle change over time,therefore when they can’t find anything in common left, they will definitely break off their relationship. Additionally, a friendship is also permanently spoiled by arguments or rows because they make people tired, distressed. When the disappointment reaches its peak, friends no longer want to encounter each other again. - Do you think old friends are more long-lasting than new friends? Why? In my view, It’s quite possible that a new friend become a close friend then a soul mate. If two people just meet several times but share many things in common and find it reliable to confide in each other, then they can absolutely have true friendship. And as long as they cement their friendship, it will last long, even forever. --by Emma Le-- More:

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15. Ep23: Sample answer for IELTS speaking test (Task 2) in Russia in June 2014

Ep23: Sample answer for IELTS speaking test (Task 2) in Russia in June 2014

Describe a law in your country. You should say - What law is it? - How did you know about it? - What effect does it have on the society? Needless to say, there are a wide range of laws launched in my country. Now, I’d like tell you the one that I consider utter non-sense. Just roughly a year ago, the Minister of Transport introduced a law prohibiting people using the motorbike which is borrowed from someone. Or put it simply, according to the law, it is compulsory for all motorbike-riders that they use only their own motorbike. If they ride the one which is not in their possession, then they will be fined. After having been put into effect, this law was such a legal bombshell that it became a heated topic in every corner of my country. At that time, a number of debates among experts were opened to discuss its feasibility while civilians like me raised our strong objection. You know, if people comply the law, everyone over 18 has to possess their own motorbike. However, the key thing is the majority of families in Vietnam can’t afford this due to the high price of this vehicle. Additionally, this law is completely infeasible in emergency cases. For example, in case my motorbike were broken, I would ride my mother’s one as the last resort in order not to be late for my class, you know. Eventually, because of the rooftop protest from civilians, the Minister of Transport decided to withdraw his unreasonable law. -----by Emma Le------ More:

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16. Night Radio: Sample Answer for IELTS Speaking Task 2: Books

Night Radio: Sample Answer for IELTS Speaking Task 2: Books

Describe a book that you enjoyed reading You should say: - When you first read it - What it was about - Why you enjoyed And say whether this book is popular in your country. Although reading books is not my cup of tea, there is a book that I consider priceless in my life. That is “Twenty Forver”, a gift given to me by my father on my 18th birthday. It was written by a young student at University of Hanoi, Nguyen Van Thac who gave up his studying to join the army against US-backed South Vietnamese forces. The diary is about what he saw, what he felt on the way being moved to the South battlefield as well as in the fierce combats. I still remember the time when I read the very first pages of the book. I was so fascinated by his sophisticated and polished writing style. Not to mention the vivid images about the daily life of young soldiers devoting their youth for national liberation. futhermore, what I’m quite into this book is its truthfulness. you know, since it’s a diary, there is neither plot nor creation. Everything is real and seen under the , the optimistic vision of the student-aged soldier. Um, in Vietnam, “Twenty Forever” has been so popular, so well-known that it became a bestseller in Vietnam and was adapted into a film in 2009, if my memory serves me right. This diary is a valuable source to stir the patriotism among the young generation. --------- by Emma Le More: Learning English

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17. Ep26: Sample answer for IELTS Speaking Test (Task3) India (July 2014)

Ep26: Sample answer for IELTS Speaking Test (Task3) India (July 2014)

- Do you like to meet intelligent people? Why? Well, it depends on their characteristics and attitude toward me, actually. If they are friendly and willing to share, then, yeas, I really wish to see them once. You know, since they are exceptionally intelligent, I can learn many lessons from them to improve myself. However, in case those geniuses fancy showing off their talents and underestimating others, I would prefer not to meet them. Although their intelligence is adorable, they will surely annoy me with their disres’pectful behavior. - What can you learn from them? There are definitely a lot of lessons learnt when I find information of them. The most significant one is how they use their logical thinking to solve problems both in academic and social settings. Additionally, studying about their daily activities to sharpen their intelligence are quite beneficial for me. I’ve read somewhere that in order to have a quick thinking, practicing is crucially important. Therefore, I really want to know what sort of activities they often do to improve or at least remain their talents. - Do you think intelligent people are the happiest people in the world? I would say without doubt that the life of geniuses is nowhere near as satisfactory as that of normal people. I’ve read many articles and surveys proving this idea. It is said that although geniuses possess a desirable intelligence, they tend to suffer from some other aspects in life or health. For instance, most of the child prodigies undergo autism, a serious mental disorder. --by Emma Le-- More:

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18. ep 24 Sample answer for IELTS Speaking Test Task 3 (Russia, June 2014)

ep 24 Sample answer for IELTS Speaking Test Task 3 (Russia, June 2014)

- Is police officer a popular occupation in your country? Why? I would say that police officer is one of the most wide-enjoyed careers in Vietnam. The reason for this trend is probably that the police are tremendously powerful. If you commit a crime, for instance, and you have a relative who works as a policeman, then I can say for sure that he is able to help you get away from the crime. Together with this, I think people desire to be a police officer because of the high income that this career brings them. Although the official salary is no where near as high as that of businessmen, the police receive a great deal of tips, you know. - Why do people choose to become a lawyer more often than a police officer? I’m not sure whether I say it right or not but,um, I suppose people prefer to become a lawyer because this career contains less dangers than the other one. It is true that police are supposed to face with criminals while they are still extremely aggressive and be equiped with weapons. Meanwhile,lawyers just meet those criminals after they are arrested and weaponless. - What personality traits should a police officer have? There are definitely a number of characteristics that policers are supposed to own. The chiefly important one is loyalty, I think, by which I mean a police should stays loyal to the government and faithfully devotes his life to accomplish his responsibilities. The second might be braveness. Because you know, police officers face with many dangerous criminals even murders or terrorists, they must be exceptionally brave to protect our safety. - Would you like to become a police officer? Such an interesting question ^_^ Never in my life have I thought that i would be in police force someday because I’m not a risk-taker. Personally I think that men are more suitable for this career than women since you know, they are physically stronger than us. Therefore, if i were a man, I would reconsider my occupation choice,pursuing to become a policewoman. ---by Emma Le--- More: Emma Learning English

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