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1. Pryde Day Lyrics

Pryde Day Lyrics

I wake up super early in the AM, So exhausted Yawnin' only one hour of sleep now it's the morning Big ambition to make it Cause we're striving to slaughter Missin' mama cause she's on the other si

2. Normal Lyrics

Normal Lyrics

Cause I feel everything we do And I need everything we do If you wanna leave, then you can go But I won't be normal Every other guy wants something from you But we already know what they wanna do I co

3. In My Mind (Interlude) Lyrics

In My Mind (Interlude) Lyrics

[**feat. DJ Suss-One**] [DJ Suss One:] Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls Welcome to the show Come on in We got a lotta surprises for you I'm your ringleader Mr. Suss One The man with the

4. Blink Of An Eye Lyrics

Blink Of An Eye Lyrics

First I started off small, now I've gone big Now I'm big doing, I was just a small thing Cause everything was grounded, now everything's fly Cause everything just changed in the blink of an eye I

5. Where'd You Go (PRYDE remix) Lyrics

Where'd You Go (PRYDE remix) Lyrics

Where'd you go? I miss you so, Seems like it's been forever, That you've been gone. She said "Some days I feel like shit, Some days I wanna quit, and just be normal for a bit," I don't understand why

6. Od (feat. D Pryde) Lyrics

Od (feat. D Pryde) Lyrics

You ain't never met another nigga like me (sheesh) Even if I die, you can't forget about me (sheesh) Everything that I do is OD (sheesh) I said, you ain't never met a nigga like me, no My whip is OD,

7. Air Timpani (feat. D Pryde) Lyrics

Air Timpani (feat. D Pryde) Lyrics

Yeah, throw ya hands up Herbal T throw you're motherfucking hands up EOM put your Godamn hands up D-Pryde put them motherfucking hands up East coast up your goddamn hands up West coast put your mother

8. Wings Up Lyrics

Wings Up Lyrics

Yeah w-wings up! w-wings up! ohh! Oh, my God Who just came in colder in your basement Flaming asian satan got these ladies going apeish I'm Adidas, you're so K-swiss I'm so branded, you're no name-ish

9. Outro Flow Lyrics

Outro Flow Lyrics

It's weird I got fans and a new career It makes me ask the big homie what I'm doing here Thank god for this heavenly vacation For the dream life I want, man I'm even buying souveneirs Man I used t

10. Making My Name Lyrics

Making My Name Lyrics

Shantee Tyler - [ Chorus ] Don't nothing Amazing Keep Moving [ Yeah ] Go claim it When name is, comes calling [ Ayo Reef ] Go into, this is your chance to make your name I'm making my name,

11. Mr. Prizzy Lyrics

Mr. Prizzy Lyrics

[Verse: D-Pryde] They call me Mister Mister Prizzy getting iffy with yo chicky Ask her do you like my body body body? Anna Nikki I'm Leonardo Davincci turn you rappers into minced meat And balling

12. No Sleep Lyrics

No Sleep Lyrics

[**feat. Joe Budden**] [Verse 1: D Pryde] Seconds to minutes, I'm blowing up on you cowards You say you grind everything But I double the hour Cause I be killer words so deep: dedicated While

13. Mobbin' Lyrics

Mobbin' Lyrics

Yo, Prizzy, it's Pauly D, you ready to mob out tonight? Yeaaaaaaaaaaah budddy! We feeling like money We feeling like the ish She hanging with the team They be feeling the click now We ain't in the mob

14. Flagship (intro) Lyrics

Flagship (intro) Lyrics

This is what you made sucker Look at your thoughtful demise No pun intended but swallow your pride I landed on a planet God damn it They just thought I would die But you will never see me fall from th

15. Plan A Lyrics

Plan A Lyrics

Last night I hit you up, you wanted to hang After I picked you up, we talked about everything And you said, "How's your life? Things have changed with you I see the life money made for you" I told you

16. Love Drunk Lyrics

Love Drunk Lyrics

Cause I'm so love, drunk So love, drunk, so love, drunk, so love drunk (VERSE 1) Yeah! Old chick, on my mind, trying to have a good time Trying to, give my, heart to bitches, but you already done took

17. Lifted Lyrics

Lifted Lyrics

I stay Murder down to the socks, outfit killer Homicide, god I'm fly, tell me what you're into Let me act up, back up, tell em I'm a threat this year Yeah I rep a coast but I'd rather rep a hemisphere

18. Don't Judge Me Remix Lyrics

Don't Judge Me Remix Lyrics

Sometimes I feel I'm better off alone bruh I feel like doing all my own stuff Cause everybody got opinions Judging to their conditions Its crazy and now I had enough The stress from all this stuff its

19. Applause Lyrics

Applause Lyrics

They say that they gonna stop me They say that they gonna shoot me down So I ain't leaving 'till I get my applause Oh-oh Get my applause Oh-oh Yo, I be down for applause I ain't leaving 'till I hear t

20. Claire Lyrics

Claire Lyrics

When they called you a slut I just didnt listen I was too busy looking at how you were different I knew you wanted other men just for attention but they had shitty intentions we were both young then I