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Playlist #1

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3. Steele: Jones a great coach whose record speaks for itself

Steele: Jones a great coach whose record speaks for itself

Edmonton Eskimos defensive tackle Eddie Steele joins Hustler & Lawless after winning the 103rd Grey Cup. Steele discusses playing in front of friends & family at Winnipeg’s Investors Group Field, the comeback mounted by the Esks, and the possibility of head coach Chris Jones moving on.

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chonita list

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9. 🔥😱ATommyc - Calling Me (Prod. Steele Jones)😱🔥

  • Published: 2017-04-21T02:12:14Z
  • By ATommyc
🔥😱ATommyc - Calling Me (Prod. Steele Jones)😱🔥

What happens when combine an ATommyc bomb with a skillful and talented underground producer? Press play and find out for yourselves 😉 Comment, Like & Subscribe!! I'll show the love back 😀 🔥LINKS🔥 My YouTube (Must...Subscribe...For subs...) 😲 My SoundCloud (TURN IT UP!!) 😎 Steele Jones' YouTube (Click it...CLICK IT NOW!!) 😉 🌟LYRICS🌟 Intro: Calling me Calling me Huh? Where? What? She calling me Calling me Haha Calling me Calling Ayy Calling me Calling Ayy Haha Let's go Verse: I can hear em calling me When there's no one else around you see It's probably the reason that I could never go to sleep And It's important that you know I'm not the one to be (Chyeah) Paranoid, but it's got me like a stoner G (Ah) Like ay Dude what is going on? I don't really know The truth is that I'm sorta lost in the music I've been making Right over the course Of the last 6 months And there could be more (Could be more) Its got me looking for the cause (Huh?) Of why my heart gets pumping Every time I bump a song (Ha) There's nothing wrong with the rhythm When.I'm going off (Yeah) But it's calling me to be rocking it Til I've fallen off (Fallen off) Now ain't that about a thing I've got voices in my head Thats tryna doubt the game Yet they're the Same ones that claim That they've found a way Until I try it Then it's Uhh maybe not today (Not today) This is what I be dealing with (Chyeah) I'm here tryna make a living And I'm feeling this Evilness seeping in Like there's someone speaking it (Uh Huh) There's a reason that I'm pretty much A beast at this (Rah) Steady building up a tolerance To these counterfeits Talking about they running things Come on son, How you gonna be running anything? (Huh?) When the only thing you're running Is your upper lip (Haha) And yet I can hear em calling me (Yeah) So I had to Steele Jones And make em follow me (Yeah) And let em find out that we're on it No matter what they say I'm ATommyc and ill be dropping On your whole parade (Whole parade) They're thinking that I've lost it all (Ah) Not at all kid I'm gaining more than you could know Amazingly I'm due to blow up Taking on a new persona (Yeah) Damn Right Man I stay killing with the stupid flowing (Stupid Flowing) So take a lesson kid and learn It's definitely worth Every second that you hurt (But) It isn't worth Ever listening to the world (Nope) If you got a limit Better kick it to the kerb cos Chorus: I can hear em calling me Calling me Calli- Calli- Calling me Calling me (x2)

nothing at of , which is