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1. Revelation: Days of Future or Past?

Revelation:  Days of Future or Past?

Has the book of Revelation been fulfilled? This teaching looks at the prophecies of Daniel, Jesus, and the book of Revelation to answer that question. All Christian views of the End Times are examined in light of these passages as well as taking into account, historical events to see what parts have been fulfilled and what haven't, and most importantly... what it means to us today!

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2. The Covenants

The Covenants

If you've ever had a difficult time understanding the Bible, all the weird laws, rituals, sacrifices, why Jesus had to die on the cross, what's in the future, etc... then you will find this series stimulating and liberating. It answers some really tough questions that people have that are not being answered by many Christians today. If you don't understand how a covenant works, then you won't interpret the Bible correctly at all, and in fact it will seem like a contradicting piece of literature about a God who is not fair and even cruel. It will clear the fog that so often surrounds people's understanding of the Bible.

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3. It's Not God's Fault

It's Not God's Fault

If there is an all powerful God who is in total control, how come He allows so much suffering in the world? Why doesn't He do something about it? This series dissects biblical passages to find the answer to that ultimate question.

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4. ACTS - Adoration

ACTS - Adoration

Pastor Kevin takes us through Psalm 145, David's masterpiece, which reminds us of the first and perhaps most important aspect of a powerful prayer-life: Adoration of an all-powerful God.

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5. The Truth About Predestination

The Truth About Predestination

Is the doctrine of predestination biblical? Do we have a choice in what happens to us? Is God controlling everything? This series examines the christian paradigm of thinking commonly referred to as "Calvinism" and how it holds up to Scripture of who God is and who you are.

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6. The Human SINdrome

The Human SINdrome

Are we born sinners? What does sin mean and what is and isn't a sin? Is it possible to never commit another sin again? These questions are covered in this series which focuses on the human condition and who we we were created to be!

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8. Holy Spirit - Cover

Holy Spirit - Cover

Hey Folks, This is a cover song from our Sunday Worship! Thanks to all who listen!

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9. Taming The Tongue

Taming The Tongue

While the internet and social media have created more communication and so many other benefits, with it has come an open door to spread negativity. The tongue can be deadly when it is not tamed. In our culture of such great opportunity to speak and an audience that is right at the tip of our fingers, we need to guard carefully what we say.

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10. How To Avoid Being A Spiritual Wreck

How To Avoid Being A Spiritual Wreck

Cars wind up in a junkyard for many reasons; wrecks, burnout, & simple preventive maintenance that was ignored. Christians can wind up in a spiritual junkyard similarly when they do not keep in fellowship with the Body of Christ and "unplug" from Christ. The Church is full of members who had amazing potential but didn't do what was necessary to stay running. This teaching is an encouragement on keeping plugged into Christ and His Body.

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11. Good News Messengers

Good News Messengers

In a world where bad news travels fast, christians need to focus on being messengers of good news. People need to hear good news and that good is winning over evil because it truly is!

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12. We Need Love

We Need Love

A call to love each other by the definition given in 1 Corinthians chapter 13. This teaching is in light of the events at the time of August, 2017 and the racial riot in Charlottesville, VA.

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14. What Love isThis - Cover

What Love isThis - Cover

Enjoy this cover song of "What Love is This" sung by CenterPointe Community Church, Thank you to the original Artist who write such beautiful words to be sung! Original Artist: written by Kari Jobe | Lincoln Brewster | Mia Fieldes

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16. The Die Is Cast

The Die Is Cast

March 29, 2015

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