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1. Swing What You Got (extended Cab Canavaral remix)

Swing What You Got (extended Cab Canavaral remix)

This is the new extended version which is now available worldwide on my first album released by Billybong Records ( you can get here:

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2. N'to & Grant Lazlo (feat. Cab Canavaral) - Minor Swag (Live Version)

N'to & Grant Lazlo (feat. Cab Canavaral) - Minor Swag (Live Version)

Support the artist by buying his song (buy link). Follow N'to : @ntonto Follow Le Comptoir Auditif : @le-comptoir-auditif Facebook : YouTube : Twitter :

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3. N'to & Grant Lazlo (feat. Cab Canavaral) - Minor Swag (snippet)

N'to & Grant Lazlo (feat. Cab Canavaral) - Minor Swag (snippet)

Download / Stream : N'to: "For this one, let's swing this time with my best swinger buddy Grant lazlo. I think we just always craved honouring Monsieur Django Reinardt throughout some kind of hybrid modern deep house track."

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5. Cab Canavaral - I Dance Charleston (Sound Nomaden Remix)

Cab Canavaral - I Dance Charleston (Sound Nomaden Remix)

Out now on all major digital download stores on the album "Cab Canavaral Remixed" by Billybong Records, including Remixes by Skeewiff, Vassili Gemini, S-Kreama and many more.

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6. Swing What You Got - electro swing remix

Swing What You Got - electro swing remix

The titletrack of the latest album of 5 IN LOVE - a six piece swing & jive band from austria - remixed by Cab Canavaral Now the mastered version!

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7. Sound Nomaden - Akkordeon Hipsters (feat. Cab Canavaral & Anja Kreysing)

Sound Nomaden - Akkordeon Hipsters (feat. Cab Canavaral & Anja Kreysing)

Out now: digital and limited edition CD on bandcamp: digital on beatport: digital on traxsource: digital on itunes: digital on amazon: With his long awaited debut album “Madame” Sound Nomaden proves that his musical repertoire has far more to be revealed than just Electro Swing. He is a real traveller in the world of sound always searching for a new definition of music. The eleven tracks on the album combine influences of Swing, Jazz, Folk, Ska and even Classical Music with an up tempo club vibe and give us a new insight in the versatile work behind one of the leading DJ's and producers of the Electro Swing Phenomenon. Beside MSP his partner in crime, well known through his expressive live saxophone performances, Sound Nomaden worked together with numerous guest musicians including Anja Kreysing, Das.Schliep, Cab Canavaral and Martin Knott. As the consequence the album defines a new generation of electronic music where powerful synthesizer and heavy club beats fuse with acoustic instruments like accordion, piano, trumpet, violin, tuba, guitar, saxophone and clarinet. “Snowflake”, the pre-released first single of the album is a deep and jazzy House track with a catchy saxophone solo, warm synth sounds and electronic beats. With its emotional fusion of genres that suits every club set as well as a chill out mix for a launch or a listener at home, “Snowflake” already gained more than 70.000 plays on soundcloud. With a similar smooth atmosphere the second album track “Little Bird” is definitely a feel good song and a potential next summer festival anthem. When the voices of tropical birds melt into groovy percussions, melodic piano chords and stunning synth pads, MSP’s Saxophone solo does the rest to leave you with a smile on your face. The title song “Madame” tells a fictional story about the first vis-à-vis with a breathtaking woman in a bar back in the 20’s. Swinging piano lines, walking bass and emotional Saxophone parts guarantee to give you goose bumps on this one. As well as “Für E-Lise” that is characterized by Beethoven’s well-known piano melody over a pushing offbeat, “The Trumpet” and “Akkordeon Hipsters” come along as energetic dance floor fillers that will leave no hip unmoved. While “Zirkus” with its happy clarinet and xylophone melodies sounds like the perfect musical background for a circus rave, “Sad Swing” with its brass and organ lines represents a more laidback view on Electro Swing. “Tear Of Joy” another track featuring MSP on saxophone with its distinctive robot vocal over a melodic piano line, turns out to be a retro dance track made for the 21st century. “Minimal Klezmer” sounds like a deep after hour club track spiced up with some smooth clarinet and guitar parts while the final song “Singing Pirates” features the great accordion player Anja Kreysing. If you’ve never believed it’s possible to transform a waltz into a house track, this track will prove the opposite. Madame sounds different than the majority in the electronic music world because it is an ambitious attempt to fuse acoustic music and club music, to bring more diversity onto the too often repetitive musical landscape.

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8. Happy - C2C - Cab Canavaral Remix

Happy - C2C - Cab Canavaral Remix

This Is my entry for the C2C-Remix Contest! Thank You for your support ! My remix got 512 votes and is in rank 40 of over 340 entries!!! It hasn't won the contest, but it made me happy doing this remix! I want to share this happyness and therefore you can download this track for a limited period of time! BE HAPPY! live sax by myself ;-)

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9. Why don't you do right - Cab Canavaral feat. Nina K Lucas (Skeewiff Remix)

Why don't you do right - Cab Canavaral feat. Nina K Lucas (Skeewiff Remix) an exclusive remix of SKEEWIFF for this release! available on the album "Cab Canavaral Remixed" release date 12/12/12 This album is the result of the remix contest which was organised by Cirque de la Nuit and Klub Shwing. There were two tracks by Cab Canavaral to remix (I Dance Charleston & Why Don't You Do Right). The winners were chosen by public vote on soundcloud and a jury (jurymembers: Skeewiff, Sound Nomaden, Pat Poree, Bart&Baker, Grant Lazlo, Dominik , Billy & Jürgen) Beneath the 8 winning remixes (,,,, Mendez & Muna (,,, Pika( you get 2 exclusive remixes of and and the two originals in the package! (cover art: Thomas Schnabel) Release: 12/12/12 Links:

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10. Skeewiff Feat Cab Canavaral - Dr Groove

  • Published: 2015-06-04T08:00:02Z
  • By Skeewiff
Skeewiff Feat Cab Canavaral - Dr Groove

Cab Canavaral - Sax Chris Neill - Piano Pete Martin - Bass Produced By Skeewiff What The Funk!? Yes Skeewiff are back in town and they've brought their time machine, taking you back with some seriously sizzling collaborations and they are funk’n brilliant! There’s beats, there’s rhythm, there’s horns all ready to get you groovin’. All that’s left for you to do is sit back, keep calm and let Skeewiff funk you with their shizzle. Juno Download - iTunes - Google Play - Amazon -

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11. Swing It!!! Finest Electro Swing Vol.1 - Album out now!!!

Swing It!!! Finest Electro Swing Vol.1 - Album out now!!!

This is a preview of the upcoming compilation selected and compiled by Cab Canavaral and Tony Maroni for Billybong Records. It will be released on October 11th, 2013 exclusively on bandcamp.( on November 11th, it will be released worldwide on iTunes, beatport, junodownload, spotify and many more! Here some links -choose your prefered retailer! BANDCAMP.COM: BEATPORT.COM: JUNODOWNLOAD.COM: iTUNES.COM: AMAZON.COM please check out and like our facebook page: This is a huge collection of 26 Tracks from all over the world! Electroswing is a genre with a great diversity. The producers are coming from different corners of the musical universe like, Techno, House, Minimal, Funk, Hip Hop, Drum&Bass, Dub – just to name a few. But all of them feel a special love for Swing! The tracks were selected by Cab Canavaral and Tony Maroni. Apart of the big names like Bart & Baker, Skeewiff, Grant Lazlo and [dunkelbunt] who are already well known in the scene, there are many brilliant tracks to discover, you might have never heard before. Many of them haven’t been released yet. We are happy to make them available for download worldwide. special thanks to Yossi and Ron from "Segment" for mastering and Soccoro Torres for the cover art! Tracks: 1 Big Band (electro swing english version) Bart & Baker feat. Charlie Magoo, Nicolle Rochelle, Pete Thomas 2 Augen zu und durch (radio edit) Barefoot Basement & Dunkelbunt feat. Alix 3 Doin it The Jenova Collective 4 Flapper Caspar 5 Hola Rey (Cab Canavaral Remix) Fat Magic feat. Cab Canavaral 6 Anagramm (ft. Timian & Jesse B.) Don Johnston & Dill Master Fresh 7 Dancing Daddy Stereo Swing feat. Gabi Szucs 8 Golden Colt Natanael Megersa 9 Bling Swing Bad Girlz - Ixindamix & Sim Simmer 10 Shake My Hand Extra Medium 11 Ribbin Riddim Francis Red 12 Suzette (House Remix) Grant Lazlo 13 My Summer Vacation Andrea Fissore 14 Moonpie - Original Mix Johnny Lectro 15 Manouche Wolfgang Lohr 16 Dance Sherpa Fm 17 Swing With Me Nikola Vujicic 18 Ol Mose feat. Daisy Beau Stranger Danger feat. Daisy Beau 19 Swing It Right Incontrol 20 Glitter Kiss Me Yesterday B 21 Crazy Drive The Swing Pack ft. Tony Maroni & Andy Regler 22 Magic Jamie Berry 23 Maple Leave Rag Skeewiff 24 La Belle (radio edit) Vassili Gemini 25 Xtrem Conscience Valdragz 26 Them Their Eyes (Trouble Bubble Remix by Segment) Segment

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12. Extra Medium - Size Up (Feat. Mr Switch & Cab Canavaral) (WBBL Remix) ★★ OUT NOW ★★

  • Published: 2016-07-06T18:15:52Z
  • By WBBL
Extra Medium - Size Up (Feat. Mr Switch & Cab Canavaral) (WBBL Remix) ★★ OUT NOW ★★

★ OUT NOW ★ Exclusively @ "Laaaadies and gentlefellas! Wonderful that you’ve made it! Put your keys in this bowl, pop your clothes on the side and follow the baby oil trail into that room down there…second on the left, would you like a cock ring or no? What?! It’s not that kind of swing parrrtay? Very excuse me! In that case keep your keks on ya filthy animals! What were you thinking! Scour Records only deals in high class and tasteful….Hang about, is that The Fritz naked? What's he doing with that chocolate bar? Careless Wisper my arse! I don't care what Funkanizer told him, he’s a freaky mentalist pirate with three wooden legs and a patch over each eye! Ummm, what’s that in Father Funk’s trousers? It looks like Extra Medium & WBBL, how the double Christ did they get stuck down there? Get Daytoner with his angle grinder right now! Skeewiff & Hong Kong Ping Pong are angle grinding Daytoner’s crotch? He’s ginger! He’ll chafe something rotten! Call in the big guns, we need some Just Peach action…..exploded you say? Have those mysterious fez wearing cocktail slurping Tuxedo Junction lads been fiddling with their cannons again? Of course they have. :head in hands, swears quietly: Call the cops, and a priest....and maybe a vet! Enjoy Scoured Swing! 50 shades of Hooray!” Extra Medium SoundCloud: Facebook: Twitter: WBBL SoundCloud: Facebook: Twitter: Scour Records Website: SoundCloud: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Hearthis: Bandcamp: Artwork by Morphosis: Promo blurb by Fat Harry: Mastering by Warp9:

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13. Troubled So Hard Ft Cab Canavaral (Free Download)

Troubled So Hard Ft Cab Canavaral (Free Download)

Ladies and Gentleman I present to you a track featuring myself and the legendary Cab Canavaral on the saxophone and the nostalgic Vera Hall, the combination of these two has created beautifully chilled vintage infusion of house. This song is free to download just travel over to my facebook page and hit a button that says you approve of my musical styling.. you cant miss it as it's shaped like a thumb! Free DL link Follow Cab Canavaral here for my sexy sax antics Follow Extra Medium

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14. Mr. Saxo Phone - The Swing Towers

Mr. Saxo Phone - The Swing Towers

This is the contributiuon of "The Swing Towers" Cab Canavaral & Tony Maroni. production, composition : Cab Vocals : Tony available on LUDWIG SOUND BOUTIQUE Vol.1 17 Tracks of first class electroswing! released by Chin Chin Records (Track #7) This assortment is perfect for lovers of the new vintage beats, selected by Ludwig Sound. The crème of European Electro Swing summarized in eighteen (sixteen brand new!) songs, sparkling, able to enrapture and transport you into a musical experience like never before. From Big Bands as emblematic as "Club des Belugas" and "Tape Five", to veterans of the dance floor and the scene, like "DJ Farrapo", "Grant Lazlo" and "The Swing Towers". Hit Bands as engaging and current like "Kitten and the Hip", led by the talented and charismatic Ashley Slater (former singer and trombonist from Freak Power) as well as phenomenal revelations from the Austrian trio "Kiss Me Yesterday" and the French, "Lamuzgueule", with their ironic and irreverent Pierrot style and their accented rhythms. Such brilliant producers like "Kiwistar", "LordJustice" and "Nikola Vuijcic" will allow you to experience the atmosphere of club nights with their latest incredible creations of the avant-garde. This compilation includes the exclusive debut of two rookie interpreters of the phenomenon - Electro Swing: "Jan Pyroman", an intriguing DJ -producer from Berlin ready for the big jump into the world music scene and the highly anticipated debut and Italy's iconic pin up DJ "Rosantique". A real mix of established artists and new talents in the music scene ready to be served to a receptive audience with refined taste. Ludwig Sound Boutique - First Class Electro Swing Vol 1 Vintage fashion tailored for the dance floor Tracklisting: 01. Rosantique & Chapeau Rouge - Walk Your Shoes 02. The Su'sis - This and That (DJ Farrapo Remix) 03. Jan Pyroman ft. Mo Calaz - 4 Thumps Up (Club Mix) 04. Ghiaccioli e Branzini feat. Alberto Becucci - Baffina 05. Lamuzguele - Ninjas (feat Dimaa) 06. Kiss Me Yesterday - Downtown Stoned (Original) 07. Kitten & The Hip - Love Is A Stranger 08. The Swing Towers - Mr. Saxo Phone (Club Edit) 09. Beat Gates & Mr. Woox - Louisiana Stomp 10. Sherpa FM - Swingshow 11. Nikola Vujicic - Take me for a Ride 12. LordJustice - Rhythm for You 13. Michael Fraser - Django Style 14. Tape Five - Geraldines Routine (Radio Mix) 15. Electronic Swing Orchestra - Quiero Bailar Swing 16. Kiwistar - Prohibited (Club Edit) 17. Grant Lazlo - And there it was 18. Club des Belugas feat. Iain Mackenzie - All Aboard total time 76:17

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15. I Dance Charleston -

I Dance Charleston -

Over 3000 followers on Soundcloud! Thank you all! The free download is your reward! special thanks to Tommygun Hechenberger for all guitartracks and paul kreshka for singing and scatting! watch the video on youtube:

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16. Who the F*** put the Funk in my Swing???

Who the F*** put the Funk in my Swing???

This is a re-upload because the first exceeded the download limit... I was overwhelmed by the very positive reactions on youtube! ( Many asked me to make it downloadable again - here it is!!! A nice blend of swingy, funky tunes in the mix! Tracklist: Why Don't You Do Right By Tez Cadey Vs. Cab Canavaral Rosie By Dr.Jekyll & Mr. Jive Choo Choo By Smookydj Song D Autumne By Smookydj The Ritz By The Funkhunters Vs.L&C Trad Rags By Skeewiff & Keith Nichols Comme Ci Comme Ca By Lamuzgeule Sag Es Am Besten Gleich By Mashup-Germany: Crofox Skeewiff Belleville Rendevous (Bobby C Sound Tv) By The Triplrts Of Belleville Red Hot Lollypop By Ignacio Robles Coconut Swing By Wallace Stomp Rocket By Dutty Moonshine Frim Fram Sauce (Bobby C Sound Tv Remix) By Les Brown & His Orchestra Swing Au Go Go By Mr Frisbee Everybody Loves Barber By Caspar A Night At The Ball By SmookyDJ

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17. Extra Medium Ft China Bowls & Cab Canavaral - Get Down (Free Download)

Extra Medium Ft China Bowls & Cab Canavaral - Get Down (Free Download)

Free MP3 Download via Toneden High Quality WAV download available via Bandcamp for free: Two years ago myself and the super talented and China Bowls got together to write this track in my mums front room and after a long hiatus we got together again to record it. We thought it needed some Saxophone we got in touch with the talented Cab Canavaral to do what he does best and the result was amazing. We then weren't able to get back together to finish this track off until a year later after and re-recording some vocals we were done. We then waited for the right time to release it days and months kept going past and we all forgot about this track. I never thought this track would ever get released. And now here we are as a free download special and 4000 followers thank you! I just want to say a big thank you to all who have followed and supported. Written by Extra Medium & China Bowls Vocals by China Bowls Saxophone written and recorded by Cab Canavaral Artwork by Helen Wyatt Peace and Love Written by Extra Medium & China Bowls Vocals by China Bowls Saxophone written and recorded by Cab Canavaral Artwork by Helen Wyatt Follow the artists: Extra Medium: China Bowls: Cab Canavaral: Helen Wyatt Design:

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18. Sound Nomaden "Akkordeon Hipster" Feat. Cab Canavaral & Anja Kreysing (MiRET Remix)

  • Published: 2015-02-10T17:28:40Z
  • By MiRET
Sound Nomaden

Get your copy here!:

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