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3. Chaos In The CBD - 78 To Stanley Bay

Chaos In The CBD - 78 To Stanley Bay

Amadeus sees it’s catalog graced yet again by New Zealand outfit Chaos In The CBD. The kiwi brothers, birthed Ben & Louis Helliker-Hales, are no new faces to the label, or the wide variety of genre-bending acronyms they encompass. Having recently relocated from tropical Auckland to damp London earlier this year, the two take their productions along with them in their latest efforts, 816 To Nunhead. Title track and aside, “816 To Nunhead,” is tinged with what’s left of summer. A nostalgic tune built for the sun and soaked in funk. It’s a track reminiscent of early french disco, almost as if built for the two robots themselves. Guitar plucks and hi hats flow seamlessly throughout the tune, aided by a glorifying vocal, “I would like to think of my music as just an extension, an extension of me of today or whatever.” What emotion of freedom and escape evoked on the Aside can be contrasted on the flip, “78 To Stanley Bay,” a tune built behind the ever looming theme of loneliness. Accompanied by a live trumpet courtesy of Isaac Aesili, ’78 To Stanley Bay’ tells us a story, or rather a journey, built behind dirty hats and delayed keys. This is a track fashioned for everywhere but the club, and we absolutely love that.

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5. Traxsource LIVE! #78 with Ben Sun

Traxsource LIVE! #78 with Ben Sun

Ben Sun drops a deep and delicious mix on Traxsource LIVE! this week, with a symphonic selection of sounds from Juan Atkins, Octave One, Kenny Larkin and Frankie Knuckles, plus his super hot remix of Kraak & Smaak’s ‘Way Back Home’ on Razor-N-Tape, available now exclusively from Traxsource. As ever we bring you the hottest white label pressure on the planet, with resident Brian Tappert blending the bouncing beats of Duke Dumont, Bodhi, Fouk, Robbie Rivera and Eli Escobar, ensuring you’re always on the cutting edge of the hottest house sounds around. • Get the music from This Weeks Show: • Weekend Weapons (Aug 5th): ft. Kraak & Smaak, Studioheist, Glasgow Underground, Spiritchaser, No Regular Play, Sex Sells, Demuir and more. • Traxsource: • Traxsource News: • Follow us on Facebook: • Follow us on Youtube: • Follow us on Instagram: • Follow us on Twitter: • Follow us on SnapChat: @traxsource HOUR 1 - RESIDENT - BRIAN TAPPERT TRACKLISTING: AUG 5TH, 2016 > 01. Kraak & Smaak - Way Back Home feat. Ivar (Original Mix) Razor-N-Tape Reserve (EXCL Out Now) 02. Keskem - Hidden Place - Farris Wheel Recordings (EXCL Out Now) 03. Duke Dumont - Be Here - Defected (Out Now) 04. Angelo Ferreri - Have To Say (Original Mix) Odour Recordings (EXCL Aug 17th) 05. Timo Garcia - The Big Swindle (Original Mix) Lapsus Music (Out Now) 06. Studioheist - All My Love - Large Music (Out Now) 07. Midnight Star - Midas Touch (Jamie Lewis Touch The Stars Mix) Purple Music (EXCL Out Now) 08. Bodhi - Ngoma (Original Mix) W&O Street Tracks (Out Now) 09. Craig Williams, Bot - Got Nothin (Original Mix) Relief (Out Now) 10. Fouk - Whiskey Ginger (Original Mix) Razor-N-Tape Reserve (Unknonwn) 11. Låpsley - Operator (DJ Koze's 12 inch Extended Disco Version) Defected (Unknown) 12. Vozmediano - Salt N' Pepa (Original Mix) Nervous (Out Now) 13. Kasper, Mr G - The Pressure (Mr G’s Bass Cultured Remix) Bass Culture Records (Out Now) 14. Eli Escobar, Steven Klavier - Back 2 Luv - BBE (Aug 19th) 15. Charles Caliber - Charles Caliber (Moving On) Plastik People Recordings (EXCL Out Now) 16. Sex Sells - Baby It's Me (Original Mix) Plant 74 (EXCL Out Now) 17. Robbie Rivera - Bang 2K16 (The Cube Guys Remix) Juicy Music (Out Now) *** Throwback Classic Cut *** 18. Urban Magic, Cleptomaniacs - Dreams (Cleptos Wet Dream Mix) HOUR 2 - GUEST - BEN SUN TRACKLISTING: AUG 5TH, 2016 01. Soraya – Sunflower 02. Juan Atkins Moritz Von Oswald – Electric Garden (Deep Jazz In The Garden Mix) 03. Karim Sahraoui – Prelude 04. Octave One – I Believe 05. Ben Sun – Monday 06. Lars Bartkhun – Nomad 07. Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks – Shout 08. Dresvn – First Voyage (DJ Sotofett's Extended Mix) 09. DBX – Losing Control 10. Kenny Larkin – Bassmode (C2 Mix) 11. Tight Pants – Welcome for Your Coming 12. Frankie Knuckles – Waiting On My Angel 13. Kraak & Smaak – Way Back Home (Ben Sun Remix) Razor-N-Tape (EXCL Out Now) FORTHCOMING GUESTS ON TRAXSOURCE LIVE! Doorly (Aug 12th) / David Mayer (Aug 19th)

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6. Deep House Space 78: The Lion's Den (Ben Kay)

Deep House Space 78: The Lion's Den (Ben Kay)

The Loin's Den (aka Jade's birthday mix) features Ben Kay recorded live at a villa party in Bali, April 2016. Sorry about some of the quick song transitions.. an impromptu set, it was only using a NI Z1 controller and I was socialising. It isn't perfect but I really enjoyed making the mix so thought I'd post it. Enjoy. Other mixes from Ben: Deep Chill 7: Deep Chill 6: Follow Ben here @benkay-dhs

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7. TGE 2017

  • Published: 2016-10-10T18:55:21Z
  • By kid_a78
TGE 2017

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8. EPM Podcast #78 - Ben Sims presents Ron Bacardi

  • Published: 2016-02-25T17:39:44Z
  • By EPMMusic
EPM Podcast #78 - Ben Sims presents Ron Bacardi

EPM Podcast 78 – Ben Sims pres Ron Bacardi - Tracklist 1. Intro (I Dream Of Wires) 2. Mad Rey - Hard Ferailleurs. D.KO 3. Tophat + Art Alfie - Bengan. Karlovak 4. CJ Scott - Assholes 'n' Elbows. Karlovak 5. EMG - On. Livejam 6. DJ Soch - A Friend From Detroit. Black Angus 7. DJ Qu - Untitled (Verbal). Social Experiment 8. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Kamakama. Superconscious 9. Doc Daneeka feat Seven Davis Jr - What's it Gonna Be (Earl Jeffers Mix). Ten Thousand Yen 10. The Black Madonna - Alright This Morning. Home Taping Is Killing Music 11. Vinalog - Shout Out. Relative 12. Ben Sims pres Ron Bacardi - First Effort. Bass Culture 13. Cassy - All I Do (Ron Bacardi Remix). Aus 14. Walt J - Reborn 1 (DJ Qu's Journey Towards Birth Remix). Curle 15. Mr G. - Mannish Water/Extra Pepper Sauce Version. Phoenix G 16. Ben Sims pres Ron Bacardi - Rock Your Body. Bass Culture 17. House Mannequin - 005/B2. House Mannequin 18. Cratebug - Get Up Move Your Body. Grimy Edits (Loop) 19. War - Galaxy (Edit). Bath House Etiquette 20. Loletta Holloway - My Loletta (Acapella). Minimal 21. Dan Shake - Glitter Disco. Shake 22, MCMXC - 12 Dec_13 Jun. ROW 23. Nature Boy - Tobago. Black Label 24. The Black Madonna - Exodus. Stripped & Chewed (Ron Bacardi Edit) 25. Africans With Mainframes - RB1. Bio Rhythm (Edit) 26. Donna Summer - Our Love. Casablanca (Edit) 27. Connie Case - Get Down (Doc Jam Edit). Giant Cuts 28. Nightmoves - Transdance (UK Mix). GC Recordings1. Intro (I Dream Of Wires) Following The Advent’s no-nonsense techno mix this time another UK techno legend steps up to the EPM Podcast plate…with a twist! Ben Sims, has for decades flown the flag for techno the world over, cutting and dropping tracks with the dexterity of a true turntablist who grew up on a diet of electro, funk, disco and house. Now we see those disco and house inspirations come to the fore as the Essex Rascal presents his house nom de plume, Ron Bacardi. Following output for Bass Culture and Karlovak in 2015, Ben Sims’ housier, disco infused Ron Bacardi alias continues to gather pace as he prepares to unleash ’Need Somebody’ on his own Hardgroove imprint but before that he drops this fluid and frenetic mix to give us a double shot of the Ron Bacardi house experience. Featuring Doc Daneeka feat Seven Davis Jr, The Black Madonna, Mr. Tophat + Art Alfie, Loletta Holloway, War, Africans With Mainframes, EMG, Donna Summer, DJ Qu, Nightmoves, Mr. G and of course a few splashes of Bacardi (shaken and stirred) it’s house music, Jim but not as we know it. Ben Sims is perhaps one of the most pre-eminent figures techno has to offer. A main attraction for underground cognoscenti since storming out onto the scene over 20 years ago, he has honed his reputation as a tight, energetic mixer who skillfully weaves together his own distinctive blend of tough funk and hardgrooves, often using three-deck wizardry and plenty of dexterity. Through an always-in-the-bag output, spearheading his in-demand ‘Run It Red’ radio show and heading up labels such as the now-defunct Theory, the long running Hardgroove and recently launching Machine, the Londoner has been hanging tough like it’s nobody’s business. He first performed at Claydrum in 2014 but this time he will be headlining the house room with his pseudonym Ron Bacardi delivering a set of blistering, raw house and disco edits. Sims has put his name to more than 50 releases in the last two decades. During those years, there has also been a steady stream of high profile remixes of scene heavyweights, including Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, Kevin Saunderson and Chris Liebing, on labels du jour like AXIS, KMS, CLR and Drumcode, all of which have won as much critical praise as they have crossover success.

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9. No No No (ft. Ariana DeBoo)Prod. Elan Wright,Nima Skeemz&Ben Zaidi

No No No (ft. Ariana DeBoo)Prod. Elan Wright,Nima Skeemz&Ben Zaidi

First song produced by @Elan-Wright, @NimaSkeemz and @BenZaidi Vocals by Ariana Deboo #Mirrors Reflecting soon

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10. Ben Cousins Warped Mentality (Slice N Dice Remix)

  • Published: 2014-06-28T08:33:36Z
  • By ???one
Ben Cousins Warped Mentality (Slice N Dice Remix)


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11. No One (Radio Mix)

No One (Radio Mix)

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  • Published: 2014-09-04T01:00:59Z
  • By Sharkato

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13. TGE 2014

  • Published: 2014-01-23T21:18:42Z
  • By kid_a78
TGE 2014

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14. TGE 2015

  • Published: 2015-01-27T20:48:48Z
  • By kid_a78
TGE 2015

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