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5. Atom - A (Metal-works)

Atom - A    (Metal-works)

Nada existía fuera de Lo Que No Tiene Forma. No existían limites, no existía el Principio ni el Fin. Entonces la luz alteró al Universo por siempre.

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7. Atom - B (Crystal-works)

Atom - B   (Crystal-works)

Todo cristal o piedra tiene la capacidad de recibir, contener, emanar, reflejar y refractar la luz, la cual es la forma de energía más perfecta que existe en el uni­verso. Cuando un cristal, o cualquier objeto material, es estudiado a fondo en su estructura atómica, es fácil comprender cómo toda manifestación física no es si­no una variación vibratoria de la esencia primordial que lo ha creado todo.

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11. Works

  • Published: 2014-03-21T08:30:52Z
  • By Okuubokuu

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12. The Bunker Podcast 129 - Atom™ & Tobias

The Bunker Podcast 129 - Atom™ & Tobias

In anticipation of Atom™ and Tobias' tour of the US over the next two weekends (July 29 - Stereo Montreal, July 30 - The Bunker New York, August 5 - Surface Tension SF, and August 6 - Lunar Lodge Colorado), we dug up this set, recorded at The Bunker New York showcase at Anthology at The Works in Detroit on May 25, 2015. This three hour live and improvised set of hypnotizing mind control music closed out Movement weekend in epic fashion. The room was still packed when they finished at 6am.

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13. atom™. riding the void (tool) taken from atom™. riding the void

  • Published: 2015-06-29T21:31:25Z
  • By raster
atom™. riding the void (tool) taken from atom™. riding the void

atom™‘s EP »riding the void« is, together with the visual works of »HD+«, the conclusion of his critical yet delightful examination of pop music and culture on raster-noton. like the previous EP »ich bin meine maschine«, »riding the void« is set up very functionally, aiming at being used in the club. techno maverick scuba, for example, turns the track with his »pulse mix« into a straight and dense march, whereas atom™ himself shakes the groove out of »riding the void« with his own two lighthearted remixes. his »nought remix« presents itself as slimmed-down yet very vibrant, while »tool« is a perfectly dance floor-ready reinterpretation of the original track. furthermore, an additional remix by hanno leichtmann can be found on the digital version of the release. the EP is available in bundle with atom™‘s data dvd »HD+« as well as separately. so far, there were released the full-length album »HD« (r-n147) and the 12-inch ep »ich bin meine maschine« (r-n146). catalog number: r-n160 release date: july 27, 2015

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