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1. Another Pagoda Session

Another Pagoda Session

Just another epic Pagoda Session! I was lucky to be able to drift Saturday and Sunday this weekend. This is Saturday's footage. Stay tuned for Sundays ...

2. St. Patty's Day Slide

St. Patty's Day Slide

It has been almost a full month since I drifted with the crew. Between getting my wisdom teeth removed, snow/rain and the cold its been a while. We started St.

3. Hot Drifts

Hot Drifts

The fire truck showed up Saturday because our drifts were fire... haha! We rode the pagoda yesterday.. it was sunny and 50! Nice change from the cold weather.

4. Honda Prelude Meet

Honda Prelude Meet

Hey Fam! Last Saturday we held the bi-annual prelude meet aka the International Prelude Meet! Two times a year myself and Lorenzo host a prelude meet.

5. Filming with Nub TV

Filming with Nub TV

Saturday was epic! @TheAmazingHob took us to this local hill and @TuckerFUpper broke out the new camera to get the shots of the crew! Check out Tucker's ...

6. Road Trip to Polish Mountain

Road Trip to Polish Mountain

Last Friday Jonny and I headed out to western Maryland to see our friends Todd Shipway and Chad Ruby. Cody Oaster and Chris Green tagged along as well.

7. I Miss Riding My Old Trike

I Miss Riding My Old Trike

Had some time after work to ride my old boss. Totally miss this trike so much! She will be back soon enough for fall shredding!! SUBSCRIBE! NEW UPLOADS ...

8. Honda Prelude EuroR Swap

Honda Prelude EuroR Swap

Decided I needed to break the silence with the prelude. This is the 1st video of many prelude related videos to come! Just going over parts of my project very ...

9. Chris Green (SWT420) in Hawaii

Chris Green (SWT420) in Hawaii

Happy Birthday to the legend himself Chris Green! Finally got around to edit Chris's footy from his trip to Hawaii! Follow him on instagram @SWT420!

10. Sue Life Vol. 1

Sue Life Vol. 1

To please the viewers... I present to you SUE LIFE vol.1!!! My mom is the greatest person and has a heart of gold. She is funny, a complete character who always ...

11. Tennessee Road Trip!

Tennessee Road Trip!

What a weekend!! Thursday morning Jonny and I dug ourselves out of the snow and began our trek to Tennessee! We stopped in DC to meet up with Chris ...

12. Honda Prelude EuroR Drive

Honda Prelude EuroR Drive

Hey prelude fam! Haven't posted an interior video in a long time. Last year Jonny and I took the prelude for a cruise. For anyone who is going to ask I run.

13. Drifting into 2017 like....

Drifting into 2017 like....

Mid Atlantic Drift Trikes drifted into 2017 with a bang! The crew shredded the Pagoda on New Years Eve and it got intense! Check out our other videos and ...

14. Chris Green (SWT420) in Tennessee

Chris Green (SWT420) in Tennessee

Changing it up. This video is all footy from Chris Green's POV on our trip to Tennessee. Check out Chris on instagram @SWT420!! Chris is ripping Madazz Spec ...

15. Chris Green (SWT420) in Pennsylvania

Chris Green (SWT420) in Pennsylvania

Hey fam! This is a little different than usual. I got a bunch of clips from Chris Green's GoPro and made an edit. Cody Oaster and I make some appearances since ...

16. Ramps and Rails Part 3

Ramps and Rails Part 3

PART 3 OF RAMPS AND RAILS After the Le Mans race we all headed back to the Hamilton Compound for the LONG JUMP COMP!!! Some serious slams were ...

17. How to Make Fluffy Butter Slime

How to Make Fluffy Butter Slime

Saturday I learned how to make butter slime. Butter slime is super stretchy and fluffy. My neighbor Emily makes it all the time and taught me how to make it!

18. Hardest Crash Ever!

Hardest Crash Ever!

We are back at the Pagoda with warm sunny days of drifting! I got jazzy and Jonny brought the tandem for a shakedown run! It was not as fast as anticipated, but ...

19. Drifting in the Smokey Mountains

Drifting in the Smokey Mountains

Day 2 of Tennesse was epic! After the 13-mile road we hit some shorter runs. Super buttery, swoopers, hairpins and massive cliffs. The road was super tight and ...

20. Closest Race in Drift Trike History

Closest Race in Drift Trike History

TBT YOUTUBE!! I have been sitting on this footy for over 1 year now. Throwing it back to my first trike event.. Drift Trike Days in October 2016. I was super sick ...